Love, YumiJiai JouwaRen'Ai RensaiThe Longest River

Love, Yumi

They always said that falling in love in this industry would kill me. What they didn't know was that I was already in love. With my best friend. The most famous woman in Japan.

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Jiai Jouwa

Age. Class. Dreams. Two women who should never have a relationship give it a go anyway.

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Ren'Ai Rensai

Twenty years of falling head over heels in and out of the bedroom are about to catch up to this couple. Follow their epic, romantic journey through the suburbs and hubub of Tokyo.

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The Longest River

Grief and love come to a head in the rural mountain village of Gujo, Japan. All Helen wanted to do was to get away from her sister's death, but Kiyoko the bookstore owner is too damn relatable.