Weekly Writing Check-In: Back at Camp, with a side of editing.

It’s the first Sunday of August, which means the first Camp numbers are in on my end. I’m making steady progress but am not pulling ahead. Last check I had about 8k. That’s cool, I’m not looking to break records this month, but I like getting ahead and giving myself room for ULTIMATE BODILY FAILURE ie: the plague, broken everything, and a dose of death. In total the novel (thinking it’s gonna break 60k at this rate) is 23k. Definitely not quite as ~sexy~ as the other one yet, but it might get there! Maybe.

Speaking of “the other one”, getting preliminary beta edits back. Gonna go through it myself one last time before shipping it off to ye olde bff editor who is, for some reason, ridiculously hyper and distracting tonight. But I guess that’s better than her being dead. ‘

This next week will be the usual writing, editing (for myself and others), working on getting the cover for the novella done, and solidifying my marketing plan. Oh, and I think I’m supposed to apply to consolidate my student loan debt somewhere in there. One of those things is not as fun as the others. (Or good for the psyche. My God. I have serious debt.)