NEW RELEASE: April Stars

Hollywood B-list actress Fleur Rosé desperately needs a break from her hectic schedule. When she sees her chance to make a break for it, she drives as far as Paradise Valley, with the media (and her manager) hot on her heels.

Cue Jalen Stonehill, stage right. One of the county’s busiest plumbers happens to be in the right place, right time when she crosses Fleur’s path and is sucked into her glitzy world of tabloid fodder and social media wannabes. All Jalen wanted was a hot dog for lunch…

Instead, she gets a famous girlfriend!

Paradise Valley is about to get its first real whiff of fame when Hollywood shows up on their doorstep, ready to explain away Fleur’s presence in their very gay town. Good thing her manager has a story at the ready. All they need is Jalen’s cooperation.