Weekly Writing Check-In: Christmas Squee Post~

All  I wanted for Christmas was a Kindle Fire and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

I got both!

First, obligatory YAAAAY about another Fairy Boy game that I will not be able to finish before I leave for Japan again. Playing so much Zelda is good for my imagination because it makes me want to write lots of fantastical stuff. Booyeah.

But nobody cares about my feelings for blonde boys in tights swinging swords and getting collagen lip injections. You care about my feelings for the Kindle Fire.

I’ve only played with it off and on all day – and by “played with it” I mean adding a last.fm app, syncing up my twitter and email, and buying one book, Amy Tan’s novella “Rules for Virgins”. But thus far it’s super shiny, very bright, and OMFG I will have so much fun. Too bad you have to like, spend money for some stuff on it.

Tonight I’m ordering this fantastic sleeve and an equally fantastic bigger sleeve for it tonight. I have to order them tonight to make sure I get them in before I go back to Japan. As soon as I finish reading the two paperbacks I have with me I’ll start delving more into the books on the Kindle. I figure that will be around February-ish. Until then I’ll have fun with the wireless capabilities in places where my little laptop is just too much to use.

So, that all said, any good kindle recs? I’m particularly looking for writing-centered books at the moment, including grammar books and self-marketing. The freer the better.

Merry Christmas! It’s certainly merry here~