The 25k February Gameplan, 2012

I can’t believe I posted this.

A couple days ago I proclaimed that I was going to write another 25k in February, in a desperate attempt to get this draft I’m working on mostly written so I can get back to concentrating on editing.

I still intend to do that.

I just don’t think I’m going to get as far in the story as I originally hoped.

You see, yesterday I had an epiphany. And not just any old plot epiphany, I now know what the climax and finale of this novel is going to be.

I tend to wing these things. Sometimes I know what I’m leading up to in a draft, sometimes I don’t. In this case I had no idea. I didn’t know in the previous novel either. (I do know, however, what the main climaxes in books 3 and 5 are going to be. Woohoo?) Usually my best bet is to just start writing and eventually I figure that stuff out. This time I was taking a bit longer than usual, and was starting to get a little worried that Ye Olde Muse had taken an extended vacation when I reached the point in my handwritten outline where I didn’t…know where the plot was going to go from there.

Than BAM! It hit me like a sack of potatoes twirled around by a…I dunno, something that twirls around really fast? Regardless, I had so many ~brilliant~ ideas at once that I almost had a freakin’ brain hemorrhage and had to race to write everything down before I forgot it all overnight. I’m in love with this ending now, it includes pitting two characters together that rarely get any “screentime” together and a league of cloaked sorcerers doing some dirty mind tricks…literally. Pretty much the shit I love the most. AND I FINALLY HAVE A USE FOR ALL THESE SIDE CHARACTERS! I’m the most excited about that. This novel pretty much sees every damn side character in the series pop up in one form or another and I was getting worried that it was getting too confusing and they weren’t doing enough. Well now they all get to be in the ending. Hooray!

And everything ties back into the theme/title of the novel (Revenge). And sets the characters up perfectly for what happens in the next novel after this one. It’s these moments that make being a writer so damn thrilling.

So, yes. This February my goal is to write at least 25k more of this draft. I really should be editing. But I have to write this. I’m sure most of you know how it goes.