Hubpages Wednesday: Kumi Koda, the Japanese artist you may have heard of.

…If you’re into that sort of music, that is.

This week’s theme is on Kumi Koda, a highly popular J-pop artist who has made her mark as a hyper-sexualized dance machine and ballad crooner. Okay, I love Kumi. She’s amazing. But she’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you like dance songs and great ballads, you at least have to click on the video below and give her a try!

Up for grabs are two album reviews of hers: JAPONESQUE and Dejavu. I recommend JAPONESQUE out of the two, but of course you should read both of them. *hint hint*

That’s all for this week. Bit of a hurry because there’s only 15 minutes left in Wednesday and I have a novel to edit!