Weekly Writing Check-In: Getting Closer….Closer…

Things continue to move forward in the writing and publishing department. At 601 pages and about 340k words, CROSS//Rebirth is currently at first round of betas (weeeee). Yes, if you never knew before, I write me some long fantasy novels. Hip hip hooray?

Regardless, I’m glad to not have to look at it for a while. In exchange I’m reading my beta-partner’s soon-to-be-published novel, and it’s soooo nice to not be editing my own crap for a while.

Meanwhile, we’re still writing over here. Pounding out about 2k a day for Camp, and I’ve written about 36k so far this month. CROSS//Process is about to tip the 100k mark. I’ve also begun a short story set in the same universe using minor characters. My goal is to write short stories to put up between major novel releases to both keep and generate interest. The hardest part is that all my ideas for short stories are for events that happen after the THIRD novel which is spoilery as hell and weeeee. But I’ve got a couple going now which is enough to keep me occupied for now.

So yup. Beta-ing. Writing. Editing. Life goes on. What are y’all up to lately?