No, I swear I didn’t forget! Nor did I forget to write a Check In yesterday! I’ve just been super, super busy! Being a full time author does that to you.

Anyway! Today is Monday, which means it’s time for the MATING GAME BLOG HOP! Yay! For those of you unfamiliar with it, here’s how it goes below:

“On December 3, 2012, each of the five judges will be posting on their blogs a small excerpt from one of their newly, or up and coming released new adult books.

At the end of the excerpt, a question inspired by the excerpt will be posted in which your couples will have to answer interview style!  There will be a total five questions, one from each blog.

Then on December 10th, 2012 (Blog Hop Day), your couples will answer all five questions.  Other blog hop participants, readers, and judges will “hop” around your blogs and comment on your fun couples!!!

On December 12th, 2012 the judges will each choose a couple that blew them away with their stellar answers and that person will win a eCopy of that judge’s book!!!”

Well, you know I looked at that and thought, “Yes, Reina and Aiko need to get into this. Yes.” So here they are, the beautiful lesbians (shh, don’t tell Reina I said that about her…that beautiful part, that is!) answering relationship related questions! Should be a righteous hot mess. I can’t wait. 😀

Hello ladies! This first question comes from Jaycee DeLorenzo. She asks: “What is one of the roadblocks standing in the way of you two getting together?”
Reina: Eh? We’re already together. There are no roadblocks! It’s been twenty years since she shackled me down, sheesh.
Aiko: ….
Reina: Oi, say something!
Aiko: Maybe we should reinterpret it as, “What is a roadblock standing in our way of staying together?”
Reina: …death?!
Aiko: Mou, you don’t really think deeply, do you?
Reina: You have to ask me that after twenty years?
Aiko: Anyway, don’t you think there may be some things that constantly try to drive us apart? 
Reina: Oh, you mean like your mother?
Aiko: I suppose you could say her. She really doesn’t like you.
Reina: Understatement! She keeps trying to get us married off to men! 
Aiko: But she’s more or less easy to ignore. There are things that cause us problems at times.
Reina: Like what?
Aiko: You know, sometimes you can be really insensitive to my feelings, and if you don’t get your way in bed, you’re really hard to get along with.
Reina: …*snort*
Aiko: What?!
Reina: You said I was “hard.”
Aiko: Kora!
Okay, let’s move on to the next question before a fight breaks out. This next one is from Victoria H. Smith: “Tell Us About a Memorable Experience You Shared Together.”
Aiko: Oh, that’s easy!
Reina: What is it?
Aiko: …oh, I can’t say it!
Reina: Why not?
Aiko: It’s really embarrassing! 
Reina: You think everything is embarrassing. I mean, it’s not like you’re thinking of something sexual, eh?
Reina: Tch, you are! Come on, share it! Tell them how good I am!
Aiko: Shut up! It’s just…when I think of being with you…often I think back to our first Christmas together.
Reina: Eh? What happened then?
Aiko: You don’t remember?!
Reina: You know I’m not good with remembering that kind of stuff.
Aiko: That was the first time we…you know.
Reina: Ah! The first time we did it! I remember! You were really nervous. It was your first time, right? Yeah, oh, I remember! I was so surprised you suggested we go to a love hotel halfway through our date. I didn’t think you would be ready for that yet, if ever.
Aiko: I surprised myself! But I can’t say I regret it. To say that was one of the best days of my life…
Reina: You’re blushing! 
Aiko: Well! What do you want from me?  I had no idea what I was doing! 
Reina: I did!
Aiko: Stop it! Before I die!
Don’t worry, I’ll save you from anymore uber embarrassment! 😉 Question 3 is from Jade Hart: What would you do if the one you wanted was terrified of their feelings and pushed you away?
Aiko: Oh, God, it’s our life story!
Reina: How so?
Aiko: Really? You have to ask? You’re constantly terrified of having feelings! It took you twenty years just to say you love me!
Reina: So? It only took you one month. Aren’t we all about balance or something?
Aiko: It’s true, though, she never wants to have emotions, and if you try to pry them out of her, she’ll push you away. 
Reina: Hey! The question was what would you do, not give your girlfriend grief!
Aiko: What would I do? I already deal with this. I’ve learned over the years just not to push her and let her come to me with something when she’s ready. The more you push her, the more she pushes you away in turn. 
Reina: Hmph.
Aiko: What?
Reina: You know, you used to be difficult like this too.
Aiko: Really?
Reina: Yes. Very early on, when you were still sorting out your feelings for women. If I annoy you now, you really annoyed me then, because I felt like you were just stringing me along for a thrill. You would never open up to me about your feelings, and when I pushed you, you would run away and cry!
Aiko: It was a very confusing time for me. You see, I had never considered being gay until I met Reina. And I fell for her so fast that my brain couldn’t catch up with all my feelings. Thinking about them was too hard for a little while. And there was the one time I had to cut a date off short because it was straying too far from my comfort zone.
Reina: You did it more than once. All I’m saying is that you can’t give me too much crap for being like I am now, when you spent so long unable to share your feelings too.
Aiko: Regardless, we’re together now, and have been for so long that we know each other well enough to know when to press on or back away. It always works out in the end. Usually.
Reina: Yes. Usually.
Thanks for that! Question number 4 comes from Chelsea Cameron: How would how would your characters describe the other person, using only one word at a time?
Reina: Cute.
Aiko: Gorgeous.

Reina: Naive.
Aiko: Experienced.
Reina: Patient.
Aiko: Impatient.
Reina: Wife.
Aiko: Spouse.
Reina: Submissive.
Aiko: Dominant.
Reina:  Feminine.
Aiko: Androgynous.
Reina: Motherly.
Aiko: Childlike.
Reina: Hey! You’re just rebutting everything I say!
Aiko: Well, like you said, I am the submissive one. 
Reina: Hmph. 
Moving on, our final question is from Magan Vernon: What was the first thing you noticed about each other?
Aiko: Oh! This is easy! I noticed how beautiful and cool she was! She had really long hair back then, and when I met her she was finishing up her practice at the theater, and was wearing the most flirtatious eyeliner ever! I used to say she looked like Cleopatra. And then of course I noticed how muramura she was, because she kept flirting with me and offered to…
Reina: What?
Aiko: It’s X-rated!
Reina: Hm. Say the PG-13 version.
Aiko:  Well, uh, you offered, to um, to uh…do it with me. In a very vulgar and not at all appropriate for a public place way.
Reina: Oh! I asked if you wanted me to **** your ***** real good!
Reina: Eh? Eh? Do I do a good job at it?
Aiko: Stop!
Reina: And there’s the first thing I ever noticed about you! You get embarrassed so easily. I mean, I guess in a good way, because it makes you even more adorable. I’ve had a lot of fun destroying your naivete over these many years.
Aiko: You are unbelievable. Still. 
Reina: No, Ai-chan, we already did the description thing. Jeez.
Aiko: I have no idea how or why I put up with you.
Reina: Because you love me. And because I **** your –
Thanks for stopping by! Don’t kill each other on the way home! 😀
Thanks for reading today’s blog hop entry! Be sure to check out the other posters and the great excerpts posted on the judges’ sites! Also, just to keep this lovely and visual, here’s a quick snapshot of our happy couple before they decide it’s time to go through the argue / kiss up cycle again~

For more information on these characters, please feel free to check out either of their stories currently out now!
 “DAISUKI.” Two Japanese women attempt to balance their relationship with their society’s rigid gender roles, polyamorous relations, and the inability to say “I love you.” Adult romance.
“HATSUKOI.” A young Japanese woman falls in love with a philandering lesbian. Adult romance.