Weekly Writing Check-In: Pratfalls of Pen Names

First of all, I am aware that it’s Monday. Oops. Oh well! Better late than never, or so I hear.

Two days ago I received confirmation that I get attend this year’s South Coast Writers’ Conference next month! Yay! I really need to get out of this house and talk to other people. The fact they’re writers will be a bonus. I actually managed to make some nice acquaintances last time two years ago. Hopefully that can be a repeat! I’ll be armed with my wares!

Now, onto what my title is about. Recently I’ve seriously considered starting up a (super secret shhh) pen name for economical reasons. I’m about half committed to this now – I’ve picked out the name and have started staking claim to twitter, tumblr, etc. just to make sure I’ve got accounts on the ready. I also need to call up and speak to my tax lady since I will not be publishing these stories under my publishing label, Barachou Press. (Would sort of defeat the HUSH HUSH purpose.) On one hand I’m excited about the new financial possibilities for me, but on the other I wonder about how much time it’ll take away from my “real name” and, consequently, REN’AI RENSAI.

Speaking of which, the final draft of Book 3 is on its way. (Expect a reveal soon!) Book 4 is about halfway through the first draft stage. February is going to see a TOTALLY COOK PROJECT YOU GUYS being unveiled, plus a short towards the end of month. Of course, I am excited about all of them. I am expecting Book 3 to really make you FEEL THINGS…whether its rage, sympathy, or inevitably both, who knows. Also, I don’t really care. :Db

Back to editing! Got ten more pages to do tonight!