Weekly Writing Check-In: Stare Down With Amazon

I forgot to check-in last week, mostly because I was in a flurry with “Kataomoi.”‘s release. But that doesn’t mean OTHER interesting things didn’t happen. Ugh, no. Do you know what a writer with two completely SEPARATE pen names fears most? Crossing the streams. Last week I was doing my weekly upload with my erotica pen name and…when it published, it published under my REAL NAME. God, talk about a nightmare! And then when I requested it to be changed (thinking it must’ve been my error) it STILL REPUBLISHED under my real name! *headdesk* Finally, after 24 hours of fretting and pulling it down, it finally went back up under my pen name. My beautiful, carefully selected pen name.


Then there was the freebie promo that didn’t start until six hours after it was supposed to start.

Then there was the cover snafu with Kataomoi that couldn’t get fixed fast enough.

Basically, not a good week for me and KDP.

Here’s hoping this week is better. I’m one week away from a really great vacation I REALLY need and do not need stress from the self-publishing world Indeed! No stress allowed! It can fall on me after I get back from Portland.