JIAI JOUWA Character Profile 1: Jun Isoya

“There comes a time in every marketing ploy UH I MEAN campaign I do that I feel compelled to expose everyone to my ~super secret~ character profile stash, complete with illustrations from the Sims 3! Congrats, readers, you’re about the fall in that hole again.”

…Were my infamous words almost EXACTLY a year ago (Sept 5th, 2012) when I was launching the initial campaign for “DAISUKI.” (Remember that book? Oh, so long ago.)  Back then was the very first peek into the profiles and lives of Reina and Aiko, now my most famous characters. As I gear up for the spinoff release JIAI JOUWA later this month, it’s time to start over again!

I’m leading off with the main character of the first novel, Jun. You know Jun (probably) from REN’AI RENSAI. She had a prominent role in the NANPAKAI / CHINSEKI duo and appeared a couple of times in KOIBUMI. Oh look she has her own novel now wooo!




Name: Junri “Jun” Isoya  (磯谷純理)
Birthday: October 9th, 1975

Zodiac (Western): Libra
Zodiac (Eastern): Rabbit
Nationality: Japanese
Birthplace: Sapporo (Hokkaido)
Height: 5’9
Weight: 120 lbs. 
Voice: Medium
Speech Patterns: Neutral


Fave Color: Red
Fave Food:  Italian
Fave Drink: Tea, coffee, caffeine and alcohol in general.
Fave Music: Rock bands from the 1990s.
Clothing Style:  Tailored business suits both at work and at home. Sometimes jeans and a T-shirt or the rogue skirt wind up in there too.
Hobbies: Studying kanji, collecting old texts and woodblock prints, calligraphy, reading poetry (haiku,) going to bars.

Hokkaido kids love their snowboarding and skiing.


Family:  Mother (Deceased,) Father (Deceased,) Uncle, Aunt, Cousin
Sexuality: Lesbian
Partner: None
Best Friend: Yuna Miyazaki and Ayami Itou
Occupation(s): General manager for family’s hotel empire.
Comes Off As: Friendly, Polite, Professional
Sub/Dom: Switch, with preference for sub.


Jun was born into the Isoya hospitality empire, established by her great-great-grandfather. Growing up her father was chairman of the company, affording his immediate family a very comfortable lifestyle. However, when Jun was still in elementary school, her parents died in an airplane crash over the sea, leaving her an orphan and her family’s empire on the brink.

Her uncle took over the company and Jun’s upbringing. While technically a ward of her uncle, Jun had her own money from inheritance and mostly took care of herself, including cooking and cleaning the condo she also inherited. (She lived by herself from the age of 16, under her uncle’s supervision.) This fostered in her an independent lifestyle that carried on into her adult life.

There’s something poetic about ice cream in front of recycling bins.

Jun always knew that she wanted to go into the family business. She went to one of the top high schools in Sapporo that focused on leadership abilities and careers. While there she piccked up some less than desirable habits such as drinking and smoking, but the one habit she never thought of as dirty was becoming sexually active. Although she went to a co-ed school, she discovered she only had eyes for her female classmates. She had a few flings with some before graduating and attending the top hospitality school in Hokkaido.

A busy study and interning life forced her to reevaluate her private needs, the core one being her physical desires. Unable to dedicate the time necessary to find lesbian relationships in an underground society, Jun experimented with men and ended up with five casual-to-serious boyfriends throughout her college career. A return to lesbianism occurred when the last one proposed to her, and she realized a man would never make her happy.

After completing her degrees and internships, Jun was officially hired by her family’s empire. She quickly rose the ranks until she was made the general manager of a smaller hotel shortly after her thirtieth birthday. However, Jun is not the type to be content with the bare minimum. She sees herself as the true heir to her family’s empire and makes it her goal every day to prove that she should be made chairwoman one day. But given her sex and her androgynous style, her uncle feels that the investors of the company would be too put off to allow him to make anything official.

Sometimes you just have to put on a skirt and pose.

As Jun is a busy woman running hotels all day and constantly attending conferences across the continent, she has little time for relationships. Although she doesn’t like to admit it, she has never had a real girlfriend. She has friends with benefits, but no one she would ever say she loves. This hurts her deeply as she considers herself a romantic who would like to spend at least part of her life with someone. She doesn’t believe she should have to sacrifice any part of her career, though, so finding a woman who is willing to put up with her hours is a constant hindrance.

When she’s not pining about love and sex, Jun enjoys solitary hobbies such as collecting and reading. Due to the nature of her family’s empire (a Western hotel chain,) her everyday life is very Western, especially for Japanese society. This has led to her becoming interested in traditional Japanese culture, particularly in pre-Meiji eras. She collects old texts, woodblock prints, and studies archaic kanji that no one uses anymore. When she was in high school she achieved a high-ranking calligraphy level, and occasionally indulges when needing to blow off some steam.

When in want of a real sunset, sit beneath a picture of one.