Night Time Trysts With the Written Word

I’ve always been a big fan of writing late at night: when it’s totally dark (with the aid of a lovely, subdued lamp), the world is asleep, and even your own body is pretty much on the verge of physical collapse. However, even when I’m tired, my mind is still creatively going and I find the draw to Word hard to resist. Everything I write just seems more romantic when I write it late at night or so early in the morning that everyone is still asleep and the world is still dark.

There is that horrible dark-side though…you know, the fact that it’s flippin’ 4 in the morning and you have class/work within a few hours. So you go to bed, sad that you had to cut the writing short, but still happy that you had the time to work on it. It’s a nice, relaxing and unwinding activity to help you fall asleep, isn’t it? Well, maybe not for everybody.

But, it is 4 in the morning here now, and I am definitely more relaxed having written this entry. Sadly I didn’t get the chance to write anything CREATIVE tonight, but hopefully that can come tomorrow when I should actually in bed, asleep, and waiting for another horrible Japanese quiz the next morning, once that blasted sun comes up.

It makes a girl like me REALLY anticipate just doing this writing thing for a living one day so I can set my own damn hours. So ha!