Less than a month away until Nano ’08

Oh, early October. Almost my birthday and almost time for NaNoWriMo.

Sadly, I have not had much time to put thought into NaNo this year. Luckily for me I’m a “cheater” and just work on the same story from the year before…at this point I don’t have time to focus on yet ANOTHER new story/series, so NaNo is the perfect opportunity for me to just focus on my secondary series for a whole month and watch as another horrible 50,000 words get tacked onto the first draft of the first CROSS// novel. Over the past year I’ve more or less drawn out how the series will pan, what the characters are doing and how they are interrelated to one another…the really fun part is trying to get that to come across to my poor internet readers while still not thinking too hard about one facet of the story over the other…just write write write, get the words down, don’t really think, who cares about dialogue tags, and run-on sentences like this one are A-OK.

Now, does anyone have a magical bottle to put school into? I could use the extra time to get a couple more thousand words in next month…