My Computer Kills More Characters Than I Do

It looked like this.

There’s something to be said about irony.  I mean, besides the fact that it’s my favorite thing ever and you would never guess I’m prone to being anemic.   But irony is only really cool when it happens to other people.  When it happens to you? Not so much.

Here’s some irony for you:  on Labor Day I was futzing around, thinking about going to grab my flash drive to back up my latest writing files that had been sitting on my hard-drive for a couple weeks.  Well, before I could say “WHAT’S SOMETHING YOU SHOULD DO AFTER COMPLETING A DOCUMENT, EH?” Firefox crashed on me.  And it crashed hard.  It crashed so hard that it also took Windows Media Player out with it.  And Word.  And anything else I had opened at the time.

…And Windows.

I was forced to do a hard reset, as my laptop is prone to making me do every so often, and didn’t think much of it besides a bit of an annoyance.  Well, Windows entered Startup Repair hell.  By the end of the night I was resigned to the fact I would probably have to reinstall Windows and brought out the alternate OS to salvage some files first…you know, like those writing files I meant to backup. But for some HORRIBLE reason none of the other OSes could find my document folders! So I finally realized the inevitable…I would have to reinstall and lose just about everything.

I write to you now from my new installed windows.  Thankfully, a majority of my writing projects were backed up and even to date about a month ago.  So, all is not lost.  Just the latest chapter of The Key of Nixey and the last two (thankfully short!) chapters I wrote for CROSS//Rebirth.  I have about 20 pages in total to rewrite, which is utterly obnoxious, but not the all end of the world.  The trick is just to remember what I wrote!

So, learn from me, fellow document creators…aaaaalways baack up your stuff the moment they’re created! I’ll definitely be more vigilant in saving my extended files to other sources just so I don’t have to repeat the rewriting bullpocky that I haven’t had to do since 2000. Fudge.