Shameless CROSS// character profile sheet #5 – Alicia

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She’s angry because she’s in her club-wear.
Name (Identified): Alicia
Full/Real Name: Alicia Dawn Greene
Former Incarnation: ???
Age: 23
Birthdate: December 11th, 1984
Generation:  Y
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Earth
Astrological Sign (Western): Sagittarius
Astrological Sign (Eastern): Boar
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Irish, Scottish, English, German, Swiss)
Hair (Color): Black
Hair (Style): Cropped Bob
Eyes (Color): Brown
Eyes (Shape): Almond
Height: 5’4
Weight: 130lbs.
Voice: Medium
Physique: Slim
Notes: Alicia is conventionally pretty and dresses appropriately for her station.  She’s had short hair for most of her life but goes through stages of coloring it or layering it in new ways to keep it “interesting”. Currently it’s her natural color and a simple part/layer, as she’s too tired to do anything else with it. Her skin is a little more on the pale side since even in summer she takes pains to cover up – she doesn’t tan, she burns.
Mother: Cassandra Greene
Father: (Capt.) Henry Greene (ret.)
Siblings: Simone Greene (little sister)
Pets: None
Notes: Alicia comes from a very privileged background: her family is upper middle class and from a good neighborhood in urban Boston where her father’s family has lived for hundreds of years. Her mother is a homemaker and her father is a retired military officer now working in local politics. Both of her parents are conservative in morality and world views, and this causes a constant source of conflict in Alicia’s conversations with her parents, particularly her father. Regardless, she loves them and supports her little sister’s rebellions against them by becoming involved with more “radical” culture.
Real lawyers design soup kitchens.
Degree: Bachelor’s in Political Science and Community Service, Working towards Law degree
School: Large public university (grad student)
Job: None, but holds various volunteer positions
Boss/Supervisor/Commander: None
Former Jobs: Various internships at non-profits and law offices
Ambitions/Goals: To become a lawyer dealing with non-profits and social welfare
Notes: Alicia is capable of recognizing the privileges of her background but doesn’t necessarily understand what they entail, hence her foray into social justice. She gained first interested doing community service work with the homeless in high school, and decided to focus her future law studies on non profits and social welfare. She was accepted into various universities and law schools back east near her home in Boston but decided to get as far away from her family as possible and instead attended a large, public university on the west coast, much to her parents’ chagrin. She currently doesn’t have a job and instead focuses on her studies as a first year law student full time.  Her parents supplement her expenses, such as her rent and general bills (and tuition, of course) while her boyfriend pays for the food.
“Touch my boob and die.”
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: In a relationship with Devon Anderson
Turn Ons: Goals, self-worth, androgyny
Turn Offs: Time wasters, no drive, hyper-masculinity
First Lover (Female): Myra Langley (college)
First Lover (Male): Jack Jacobson (high school)
Other Notable Lovers: Previous lover who really, really irritated her
Love Interests: None
Best Friend: Jenna Hayworth
Other Friends: Philip Roberts, Heidi Montgomery
How Others See Her: Determined, short-tempered, spoiled
Sub/Dom:  Switches, depending on partner
Notes: Alicia is currently closeted in her bisexuality and instead lets everyone – including her boyfriend Devon – assume that she is straight. Even her best friend Jenna doesn’t know that she’s also interested in women, or even that she used to be in a relationship with one. The biggest reason for all of this is because of intense pressure from her parents to conform to the heteronormative life, and since she’s in a heterosexual relationship it’s easier to just ignore the other side of her sexuality.
Her current relationship with Devon is strained and “going nowhere” from her end. Even though they’ve been together for almost a year, Alicia doesn’t see the relationship lasting more than a few months, especially if Devon is unable to find a job. Most of the time she’s unsure if she even loves him.
Favorite Color: White, yellow
Favorite Food: Spaghetti, fettuccini alfredo
Favorite Music: Alt rock, classical, soprano
Favorite Band: Josh Groban, Muse
Favorite Song: Can never pick one
Favorite Book: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
Favorite Movie: Casablanca
Favorite Animal: Ferrets, hamsters
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Margarita
Clothing Style: Sweaters or blouses with jeans and skirts
Hobbies: Community service, movies/TV, cooking
Guilty Pleasures: Sparkly, shiny things
Notes: Alicia spends most of her free time talking current events with her classmates/colleagues or doing volunteer work in her surrounding communities – if it’s daylight and she’s not moving, she feels like she about to die. Her evenings are more relaxed and she’ll usually sit on the couch and watch TV or a movie with whoever is around. Like her wardrobe, Alicia likes her favorites to exude a sense of high class that’s leftover from her upbringing.
“Zits? On MY complexion?”
Dexterity: Left
Handicaps: None
Diseases (physical): None
Diseases (mental): None
Notes: Alicia is conscious of her health and eats well, even if she doesn’t always have time for the gym. She usually gets a cold or two every year, and the occasional flu or other infection, but overall she has no outstanding health issues.   
Summed. Up.
Personality/World View
General: Compassionate, level-headed
Strengths: Giving to those in need, socially aware and dedicated to acting against the wrongs of the world
Weaknesses: Quick to anger, easily overwhelmed, never satisfied with what she has
Outlook: Forward-thinking
Idiosyncrasies: Cleans everything once a week or. Else.
Political Affiliation: Democrat
Religion:Agnostic (raised Baptist)
Fears: Suddenly losing everything she has
Phobias:  Arachnaphobia
Offended By: All sorts of social injustices
Pet Peeves: People who don’t apply themselves to what they do
Vices: Coffee
Wants Children?: Undecided
Drunk Type: Sleepy, word-vomit
Death of Choice: Stampeded in a political protest
Notes: Alicia lives a double-life between her professional and private worlds: to her coworkers and classmates she is stable, compassionate, and patient, while at home she’s quick to frustration and lashing out at her loved ones. Most of this has festered after her last relationship crumbled and she never really recovered before rebounding with Devon, whom she takes most of her anger out on.
Drives: Uses public transportation
Lives: Campus 1-bedroom apartment
Relationship to Author
Ways she’s like me:  We’re both spoiled children who want too much from the world
Ways she’s not like me: She’s a bigger activist than I am, although even on my end I question how sincere she is about what she’s doing.
Notes: Alicia has had a very subtle change over the passing years of drafting and editing the overall story. While her role hasn’t changed much, her standing and relationships to all the other characters has shifted rather dramatically (although so slowly I barely even noticed) from minor-character to semi-main-character in the end. The hardest part of developing her for me was discovering the motivation for her bitterness, which made me really happy to eventually figure out because then it let me help her develop into a character that “reclaims” herself later on in the series for the better. (Also, Alicia was only meant to be in the first book, but will now officially be in every one with varying degrees of involvement.) I decided to add her here as the fifth character this week after some deliberation because she’s one of the few human minor characters to have a more pivotal role in the overall series.
Making gorilla faces in a flower bush is like, so rejuvenating, man.