Shameless CROSS// character profile sheet #4 – Yumiko

Oye vey time for the most annoying profile I had to write…mostly becaues there’s still a lot I don’t even know about her because she’s one of -those- characters. Oh well, tomorrow is the last day and I’m free to post other stuff! Weee!

“Yup. she fell down all right.”
Name (Identified): Yumiko
Full/Real Name: (Maj.) Yumiko Kobayashi – 由美
Other Legal Name: Syrfila Tograten (birth name)
Former Incarnation: ???
Age: 64 (44 on Earth records)
Birthdate: Federation Year 5550, day akin between November 3 – 5 (4th on Earth records)
Birthplace: Federation Moon Ward 453, Huling Sector Five
Astrological Sign (Western): Scorpio
Astrological Sign (Eastern):
Ethnicity: Huling
Hair (Color): Black
Hair (Style): Layered pixie
Eyes (Color): Brown
Eyes (Shape): Oval
Height: 5’10
Weight: 117lbs.
Voice: Gruff, medium-range
Physique: Skinny, fit but bony in some places
Notes: Yumiko is the most wanted female criminal in and out of the Federation for the crime of destroying a planet a year or so before she moved to Earth – only Nerilis Dunsman is more wanted than she is. She was captured and detained by Federation police until she managed to escape while en route to her execution. She fled to Earth, a galactic criminal haven, and changed her identity in order to blend in, choosing a generic Asian name after realizing she passed for one. Since then she exclusively refers to herself as Yumiko and has adopted her new life as her proper life. The most notable thing about Yumiko’s appearance is the extent of her thinness that is covered by her work uniform but harder to hide in civilian clothes. Most people assume that she has an eating disorder, but it’s a normal physique for her race of humanoids. But because she is from the Federation, and not even our exact kind of human, she lives longer and ages slower; thus, she is actually much older than her Earth records say she is, and even then most people mistake her for being even younger.
This is how her mother died.
Mother: Janis Tograten (deceased)
Father: Sarayu Tograten
Siblings: None
Pets: None
Notes: Yumiko does not divulge much about her family, other than that her mother is dead and that she hasn’t spoken to her father in decades – when she does speak of her father, she either says he was abusive and a degenerate, or that he was so soft and naïve that she walked all over him until she left home to  join Pandora.
Everyone in the Marines fixes sinks.
Degree: Master’s in Modern Warfare
School: Small private university (incomplete, dropped out and hacked her own degree)
Job: Off-shore training-command Major for the United States Marine Corps.
Boss/Supervisor/Commander: Col. George Franklin / Nerilis Dunsman
Former Jobs: Mercenary/spy for an anti-Federation unit called “Pandora”
Ambitions/Goals: To not get killed/arrested by bounty hunters
Notes: Yumiko’s first career was as a mercenary for the anti-Federation brigade “Pandora”. She specialized in espionage and hand-to-hand combat, making her a vital part of the team until she raised in rank high enough to carry out her own missions. Her last mission ended with her destroying a Federation planet and trying to pass it off as Dunsman’s work; however, the Federation police caught her quickly enough. After fleeing to Earth she was tapped by Dunsman to work for him in exchange for money and protection – it was his idea for her to join the American military, and she was more than happy to enlist. Her previous training as a mercenary and ruthless attitude helped her to become a major before her fortieth Earth birthday. Her current “official” job is to train privates off shore throughout naval simulations and war games. Although she works with three other (male) majors who do similar work to her, she is the most well known for being brutal. She loves her job very, very much.
Sexuality: Homosexual
Status: Single
Turn Ons: Weak women, the more feminine the better
Turn Offs: Brashness, “goody-goodies”
First Lover (Female): ???
First Lover (Male): ???
Other Notable Lovers: Miranda Hotler, Karina
Love Interests: None
Best Friend: Miranda Hotler
Other Friends: None
How Others See Her: Harsh, mean, impersonal, dangerous
Sub/Dom:  Dominant, always
Notes: Men, outside of when she has to actually interact with them, do not exist in Yumiko’s world. When she is around them, she is either outright ambivalent or hostile towards them. Needless to say, Yumiko’s sexual preferences focus solely on women.  As far as anyone knows she has never been in a serious relationship, but the truth is that at the end of  her stint with Pandora she was involved with a girl named Karina, the twin sister to the Lady Commander of the Federation Forces, Lara. After Karina’s death in the field Yumiko decided that she no longer wanted to deal with relationships because “they’re always a mess when they end”. Instead she fills her sexual void with multiple casual relationships instead. Her current most notable lover is Miranda, whom she has been involved with sexually since the latter was in high school. Yumiko does not admit any feelings for Miranda, and takes out any displeasure she has with her via violence or extreme emotional manipulation…and doesn’t see anything wrong with it.
I’m not lying when I tell you this is the “post public sex” strut.
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Music: Nothing in particular
Favorite Band: None
Favorite Song: None
Favorite Book: None
Favorite Movie: Anything Bruce Willis
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Anything hard
Clothing Style: Jeans, jacket, flat shoes
Hobbies: Movies, going to bars/clubs, doing drugs
Guilty Pleasures: Occasional non-harried sex
Notes: There are few things that give Yumiko any kind of joy, and they usually involve illegal activities and  a total lack of empathy for anyone else involved. Yumiko owns a TV but only uses it for watching both Earth and Federation news – the latter so she can stay alert to how much the bounty on her head is. Otherwise, she knows next to nothing about general media of any kind. Her dress style is a sharp contrast to her work clothes: instead of a pressed, clean uniform she prefers to wear grungy jeans, tops, and gaudy jewelry.
This game is not kids friendly, honestly.
Dexterity: Right
Handicaps: None
Diseases (physical): None
Diseases (mental): None
Notes: Yumiko has a hyper-immune system which allows her to avoid most diseases found on Earth, including those related to all her dangerous activities involving drugs and sex. Her body also rids itself of traces of hard drugs quickly as well which allows her to do them even while working for the military. Because of this she also processes drugs differently than most normal humans, and suffers only mild hangovers from their use.  She claimsto have used even harder drugs when she lived in the Federation and that “Earth cocaine is like munching on a sugar cube for all the hard it does me.”
Anger looks good on her.
Personality/World View
General: Ambivalent, self-centered
Strengths: Follows everything through; able to play a part convincingly for her own survival
Weaknesses: Unable to see beyond her own needs; does not care for others or can admit that she ever does; cannot let go of things she’s lost
Outlook: A little optimistic
Idiosyncrasies: Scratches her nose all the time
Political Affiliation: None (she doesn’t give a rat about Earth politics)
Religion: Atheist
Fears: Being captured, being utterly alone
Phobias:  None
Offended By: People who treat her like a child/think they know better than her
Pet Peeves: People with uptight morality, being shot at
Vices: Smoking, alcohol, casual sex, narcotics
Wants Children?: What are children?
Drunk Type: Angry, bitter, sleepy
Death of Choice: Anything non-violent
Notes: Yumiko lives in her own world where she is God and everyone else is a pawn to play with for her own amusement. She has no qualms with hurting others, which is part of the reason why she enjoys her job of yelling at recruits all day so much. In her private time, her need to dominate is often directed at Miranda or whoever else she’s brought home that night.  Yumiko likes to pretend that she doesn’t need anybody else or holds any feelings for them, but she is also known to show up on people’s doorsteps because she “wanted some company”. Her personal time is ruled by her vices, and she is always smoking if not also drinking or pursuing a woman for sex.
Drives: 2005 White Dodge Neon
Lives: A converted studio apartment in an abandoned warehouse near the docks.
I’ve done this. No shame.
Relationship to Author
Ways she’s like me:  We’re both female. How about that.
Ways she’s not like me: Weeeellll I’m not from off Earth, and I like to think I’m not an abusive jerkwad. Just gonna leave it at that.
Notes: Yumiko was one of the last primary characters to appear in the series, way into development – in fact, I was already a few chapters into the first draft when she made her first surprise appearance. You ever have that character that just shows up one day and says “Yeah, this book? I’m in it. Don’t just sit there, asshole, write something about me.”? Yeah, Yumiko is my version of that character. She also downright scares me, because not only did this character just randomly show up one day in my manuscript and never freakin’ left she’s also quite disturbing to me, and many of the scenes I write with her in them make me quite uncomfortable. On the flipside, I find her fascinating because there’s still so much that even I don’t know about her or why she acts the way she does now. Even  I don’t know exactly how her father treated her and how it affected the way she saw men for the rest of her life, but I figure I’ll find that out soon enough – she’ll probably make sure of it. 
I laugh every single time I see this screenshot.