Help Out A Fellow Author Self-Publish – Untold Memories by Morgan Bauman

Earlier this month I introduced a Kickstarter funding project by my good friend Morgan Bauman, who is trying to (re)self-publish her series “Untold Memories“. If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a way to fund independent creative projects (such as self-publishing novels, making movies, etc) with varying degrees of donation. There’s a set time (usually a month) in which donations are accepted. If the funding goal is not met, you are not charged. It’s all or nothing.

The reason why I’m posting about this again is because Morgan’s on the last week of her Kickstarter campaign and is barely at her halfway mark of $1500. If even a few people pitch in five dollars (the lowest donation level) then she’ll raise up higher in the Kickstarter rankings and get more exposure to those browsing for projects to fund. It’s still totally possible for this author to met her goals of publishing!

Here’s the introduction as posted on the Kickstarter page:

“The Premise

A scientist mad with grief; a mother trying to escape guilt; a little girl’s worst nightmare; a mistake with unforeseen consequences.
What if your lifeyour worldyour memorieswere a lie?
This is the premise for Untold Memories, a fantasy book series. Along the way, readers are invited to unravel characters’ motivations, identify the causes that set the story into motion, and put together the pieces while immersed in a fantasy world where any false move could have dreadful ramifications.
The characters in Untold Memories must work with limited information, deal with the consequences of their assumptions, and struggle to cooperate despite drastic differences in their own perceptions of their world and situation. The setting of the first book is a highly regulated and controlled society that utilizes the inherent magic of different castes to maintain a rigid, hierarchical order.
Although the first book can be read on its own, it is a part of a four book arc that uncovers many of the mysteries and unanswered questions set up by the first book. There are four follow-up books that further build on the world and delve into the lives and stories of other characters while tying up loose ends. All lingering questions should be answered by the end of the book of short stories, which cover the lives and histories of most of the characters in the series.”

There is also a  a sample linked to on the Kickstarter page. Even if you can’t donate any money, help out a fellow author by spreading the word on your blog and on Twitter!