Weekly Writing Check-In: Character Birthdays and…well, nobody cares.


Oh, Memorial Day weekend! How little you mean to the work-at-home, the freelancers, and the generally unemployed. (Read: me.) But, I am taking a bit of a break today, simply because I’m tired and I’m staring down a 25 page (single spaced in Word) chapter and nooooo not today. That said, editing is coming along as usual. This month I’ve managed to get through about ten chapters which is no bad business. Meanwhile, earnings are up at Hubpages. Still not making payout yet but I’m not complaining. It’s still on the up and that’s all that matters from that front! I am also still slogging through McCaffrey’s “Acorna” series, and reading it gives me so much faith in myself. Especially in the editing department. Reading a book that has clearly never been edited in its existence really boosts ones own writing confidence~

All that shade thrown, it’s May 27th. This date has two significances. The first one is that I’ve got about four days to prep for Camp. I was hoping to get this other chapter finished (since I like starting Nanos on chapter  breaks) but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. My best bet is to finish on a scene break. Will make keeping track of my total a bit more difficult, but eh. Somehow, I will manage. (However will I do that?)

The second reason is that May 27th is one of my character’s birthdays and for some reason this is the only character birthday I know off the top of my head. All my other characters, I know what month they were born in (and what part, because I know all their signs) but I rarely can remember the dates. Okay. I lied. I know why I know this character’s birthday – it’s because her birthday passes in the first book of the series, and thus far no other character’s birthday in any series gets a little spotlight in the plot. And since I methodically keep track of each day and date that passes (WOOOO 2007! fun fact – after February, 2007 and 2012 have the same days, so her birthday is also over Memorial Day in that year) I know exactly what her birthday is. (Not that I can remember my own at the moment though….)

So this week’s check-in question is this: Do you know your characters’ birthdays off the top of your head? Do those dates play a part in your plots? Do you even keep track? 😛

Oh, and today is Miranda’s 40th birthday. She’s reaching flaming birthday cake territory.