Weekly Writing Check-In: Slogging Through

Another week, another check-in. Not as much stuff happened this week as it did last week, but things are on track nonetheless. I’m still waiting on final edits for “DAISUKI.” so I’m busying myself with writing the MS for the next book in the series, which is both my Camp August novel AND coming out a “full length” novel. I’m currently at 62k, and while the end is in sight, I’m expecting this novel to push 75k. Who knows how long it will be after edits, but I’m sure it’ll be the longest in the Ren’Ai Rensai series. (That’s okay, chronologically it’s the first book anyway! It’s allowed to be longer.)

So, yes, Camp! I’m not as far ahead as I usually am in Nano events, but I should finish either tomorrow or Tuesday. Currently I’m just shy of 47k. Making progress, but I want this story to be done already! Sheesh! (Also, cover image has been picked out for this one. I’m currently pushing for a late November/early December release for this one. See, this is what happens when you’re “unemployed” and just work on books all day. You’re able to crank books out this fast. It’s kind of…exhilarating? Frightening? Gah.)

I don’t really recommend this fast of a pace to anyone. As it is, life revolves around me getting up at noon-1pm, putting around for an hour, checking all my usual websites, exercising (let’s not talk about how I’ve put on 25 pounds since moving back to America. Woo!), reading, dinner, and THEN my writing life begins from about 7pm to 4am. This includes blogging, writing, editing, and anything else related. Yes, I consider blogging a part of my writing job. Why shouldn’t I? =P

I suppose I should stop rambling for now. What have you all been up to this week?