Another Camp come and gone.

Sometime last night I crossed the 50k threshold for the month, which means I’ve won another Camp Nanowrimo. Hooray! It was kind of taxing for writing this month, since I never got “ahead” until about halfway through. I like finishing early, because then it takes the pressure off for me to keep writing. And, any other words I tack on afterwards? Yay, that’s just extra! But last night the next installment of the Ren’Ai Rensai series broke 65k, or 50k for the month, since I had about 15k written already in January. (I like simple math!) I plan to continue writing this month, of course, but I’m taking it easy for the remaining three days of August. Doubt I’ll break 60k or the month, but I’ve got a huge scene I’m ready to write coming up, so we’ll see.

I’m not sure how many other people were participating this month. If you were, how did you do?