“DAISUKI.” Cover Reveal!

Woo! It’s September, which means promotions for “DAISUKI.” (out September 28th!) begin in earnest! First up? THE COVER REVEAL~!

Click to make it big!

Ain’t it just gorgeous? The cover was a combined effort between myself and bff / editor / apparent graphic designer Lindsay York, whose recoloring skills were able to make this cover possible. (Seriously, the woman recolors manga for a hobby.) And in case you’re wondering (such as if you don’t read Japanese), the kanji in the cover reads “Ren’Ai Rensai”, the series’s official title.

Along with the cover comes my re-spiel about the DAISUKI Blog Tour in October, for which I am still taking sign ups through the rest of the month! Of course, now that I’ve revealed the cover, it’s time to reveal the blog badge as well!

Nothing special, really, but I like it. 😉

That’s all for today! Expect so much more throughout September, beginning with a site overhaul this weekend! That’s…gonna be a lot of fun. (She said, sarcastically.)