“DAISUKI.” is now on Goodreads – Also, super fun times with vendors.

First off, I’m really excited to announce that “DAISUKI.” can now be found on Goodreads for To-Read funtimes. This is kinda big for me because it makes me feel even MORE legitimate, damnit. Like a little writer grown up into a big author. (Yeah, just wait until I get my first scathing 1-Star review. Uh huh.)

In other news, for anybody who might be interested, “DAISUKI.” is currently up for sale at a couple big vendors. I started early because I wasn’t sure yet how long it would take for vendors to process and wanted to make sure stuff showed up on time. (The reason why I’m not sharing the links until Friday is that I’m kinda curious how many “strangers” buy the book first.) However, Kobo is taking forever (expected, I had read about that) and B&N? Wow. Just getting your account ACTIVATED is something else. I got an email from them today telling me to call their support center for…something. I have no idea what they actually did, or if it was even normal. So, I’m still waiting on that for another 48-72 hours. And then my book won’t even be available until ANOTHER 48-72 hours after that. Great. So, basically, what I’m saying is that if you’re looking to sell on B&N one day, get your account NOW so you can better your chances of getting your future books out on time. At this rate, I’ll be pushed through Smashwords premium status faster than I’ll be approved at B&N. Anyone have a similar experience with them?