Don’t forget! SHARE A SATURDAY is still a thing!

In an effort to getting back to talking about other authors, I want to remind everyone stopping by that we still have SHARE A SATURDAY at this blog…it’s just been two months since the last guest post! Basically, if you don’t know/remember, SHARE A SATURDAY is when I host guest posts / bloggers on…uh, Saturday. We had a good mini run in summer but it seems to have gotten quiet again. Anyone is welcome at any time to come post on my blog about ANYTHING writing/book related! Want to promo? Stop by! Want another date on your blog tour? Hey! Want to just wax and wan about character development or this one SUPER COOL book you read? I ain’t gonna stop you. Unless I’m all booked up.*

For an example of previous guest posts on this blog, check out these awesome posts. (Also, you’re free to write a guest post here more than once.)

If you would like to guest post on this blog, please never hesitate to contact me via the ways on the contact page, or drop me a line in the comments. I look forward to having you!

*I do make exceptions for posts that only promote hate speech / illegal activities that should damn well stay illegal. But none of you would ever do that. šŸ˜€