Weekly Writing Check-In: Busy, Busy, Busy

To give you an idea of how busy I’ve been lately, let’s just say I totally forgot to do last week’s check-in. Oops! (Who was supposed to hold me accountable again?)

I’m not sure where I should begin in listing what I’ve been doing and what my goals are…aside from saying, “Writing, Editing, Formatting, and Publishing..” My REN’AI RENSAI series is in full swing starting last month. I’m currently up two one novella (DAISUKI), one novel (HATSUKOI), and one novelette (MITSUSHIN). I’ve got a shot story coming out this week that I just got the edits back on and the cover made for, and there will be YET ANOTHER novelette next week. Phew! January will for sure see another novel (officially Book 3 of the series) and possibly another novelette a couple weeks before that. Like I said, BUSY!

I’ve been so busy writing, editing, blah blah blah that I’ve completely forgotten that Xmas is coming in a week. I don’t have a single present for anyone (nor the money for it) nor can I say that I even care about Xmas. Know what I’ll be doing on Xmas? Working. As usual.

I tell myself that this is all worth it, that I’ll be paying the bills with this soon enough. And honestly, the money I’ve made so far is nothing to sneeze at. But in this publishing climate (hell, in this ECONOMICAL climate) nothing is certain and I may be doing this all for naught. Wouldn’t that be just like my life? Yes, it would be. Hopefully my life will forget to do that little breakdown thing before it’s too late, however.

WHELP. I must be getting back to these edits. I have a sweet lesbian romance to bring you all this week. BBL!