“DAISUKI.” Book 1 of Lesbian Erotic Romance series now out in paperback for just $6.99!

There comes a time in every published author’s life when they eventually hold their book in their hands for the very first time. For me, that happened today, when my proof for DAISUKI came in the mail from Createspace! After a lot of grunt work getting it to fit into CS’s crazy specifications, (thanks again Lindz!) DAISUKI has come through absolutely perfect on the first try. Thus, it is now available for purchase through Createspace’s website. Amazon link to come soon. 

But that’s not all! I am selling versions with an autograph and personalized message through Paypal for those interested. I’ve bought a batch from Creatspace, but they won’t be getting here until around New Year’s. Regardless, if you would like an autographed copy, please feel free to reserve one by contacting me by email (hildred @ gmail.com , no spaces) with the subject “Daisuki Paperback.”

Check out the other closeup pics below!