Another One Bites The Dust

Computer, that is.

So, this past Monday, as I was finishing up the blurb for “USOTSUKI.” and its ebook formatting, my dear four-year-old desktop replacement laptop decided it was a good time to shut down for good. (Yeah, great timing. Thanks!) One of the hard drives is dead, and while I COULD just get a new one I guess, that laptop had a bunch of other terrible problems (its love for bluescreening, a dead touchpad, an aversion to all things ~touchpad~) and I am going to get a new one in the next couple of days. I’ve known this day was coming for a few months now, so it’s not a huge surprise, but could it pick a worse time???

What does this mean for the new releases coming down the pipeline? You’ll be relieved to know that I have everything backed up in 1000 places (or so it seems) so no super crucial files were lost. While using my backup/travel netbook here to format ebooks and upload them to retailers is definitely not ideal (don’t do it! argh the slowness! the tiny screen!) “USOTSUKI.” is in no danger from my end in being late to release this Friday.


I lost some files, it seems, regarding the photo guide. Not any of the pictures (but I do get the endless joy of organizing them all over again) but I lost my notes of how I wanted to organize it and my credits I had amassed. This puts me back about another month of putting it together! 🙁 Granted, I am expecting it to come out in the second half of 2014 toward the end of RR’s run, but this ain’t fun for me!

So, that’s the issue over here! Just a gripe and RIP to my dear old laptop that  traveled with me around the world and helped me start up and run my business. A moment of silence. Okay, silence over. Now to go drop a bunch of money on a new one for me to get attached to. Sigh.