Shameless CROSS// character profile sheet #3 – Miranda

Day 3/5! See, I really am commited to this – and yes, it’s a commitment, since now I’m in the realm of half finished profiles that I have to dedicate an hour or two a night at completing. And then I have to make this post and format the pictures. I am committed! Unlike this character.
Is she even wearing a bra…
Name (Identified): Miranda
Full/Real Name: (Capt.) Miranda Ann Hotler
Other Legal Name: Michiko Kawazama (legal Japanese name) 川様美智子
Former Incarnation: ???
Age: 35
Birthdate: May 27th, 1973
Generation: X
Birthplace: San Jose, California, USA, Earth
Astrological Sign (Western): Gemini
Astrological Sign (Eastern): Ox
Ethnicity: ½ Japanese,½ julah
Hair (Color): Black (natural), dyed dark brown with red highlights
Hair (Style): Medium bob, parted to left side
Eyes (Color): Brown
Eyes (Shape): Round
Height: 5’8
Weight: 122 lbs.
Voice: Deep
Physique: Slim, toned in legs and upper arms
Notes: Miranda spends a considerable amount of her time on her appearance, with regular hair appointments, body waxes, and exercise regimens to keep herself fit and in the image she prefers to see herself in. Most of her features (hey eye shape being the biggest exception) are dominated by the Asian side of her heritage, and she does not pass for white. She is half julah, an alien race on her father’s side, but the only relevant features are her eyeshape and perhaps her height, although julah women are known for being short. She is the only American citizen in her direct maternal line, and is the only person in her family who speaks English as their first language (although she is fluent in Japanese as well). Her actual name is really Miranda Hotler, but most of her family refers to her as any form of Michiko since it’s easier for them to remember. Her western name comes from a TV show her mother watched while pregnant with her, and her Japanese name is taken directly from the Empress of Japan (who was princess at the time of Miranda’s birth). Fun fact: I made up the name “Kawazama” on accident – I totally thought it was a real name until I looked it up online and oops~ Oh well, let’s just pretend that it’s just a really rare name, okay? Okay. (Her Japanese name basically translates to “Beautiful wise child of the unfortunate river”.
Mother: Kyoko Kawazama – 川様挙子
Father: Nerilis Dunsman (under the name Gregory Hotler)
Grandmother: Hiroko Kawazama – 川様
Siblings: None
Uncle: Takuto Kawazama
Pets: None
Notes: Miranda is only connected to her family on her mother’s side. Her mother, however, is and always has been emotionally abusive and often makes her displeasure with her daughter’s existence known – thus, their relationship is strained to the point of almost no communication. Miranda has a much stronger relationship with her maternal grandmother who did the most positive raising during Miranda’s later childhood. She has an uncle and assorted cousins who live in California (and who she lived with as a small child with her mother) but she no longer keeps in touch with any of them. She is the daughter of Nerilis Dunsman, the main antagonist of the series, but does not share many of his abilities since julah traits are primarily passed through maternally and not paternally. In return for her cooperation with her sire, he supplies her with protection and money, but she bears no love for him.
In this game she’s also an author! Who knew! Not me!
Degree: Bachelor’s in International Relations
School: Small public university through the military
Job: Supervisor of a data entry personnel department for an unnamed branch of the US military
Boss/Supervisor/Commander: Maj. Samuel Ortiz
Former Jobs: Backup dancer and singer of an “idol” group (after high school), stripper at a ladies only club (also after high school)
Ambitions/Goals: To maybe do something with that painting career
Notes: Miranda attended primary and middle school in America before being moved from San Jose to Tokyo at the beginning of high school, where she attended an international Catholic girl’s school. After graduating she flitted between jobs for two years with her friend Reina, going from an early 90s girl group to stripping at a “ladies club” in the underground gay scene. At 20 she enlisted in the military back in America, completed a degree, and eventually came to become captain of her current command in office work. In her spare time she dabbles in painting, although at the start of the series she’s not serious about it.
I…think she’s in love? Or it’s a kitten?
Sexuality: Homosexual
Status: Technically single, but it’s Facebook complicated, you know.
Turn Ons: Anyone who identifies as a woman, for the most part
Turn Offs: Dominant types, hard drugs, low self-esteem
First Lover (Female): Ellie Page (middle school)
First Lover (Male): Anthony Brown (middle school)
Other Notable Lovers: Yumiko Kobayashi, Heidi Montgomery, Reina Yamada
Love Interests: Danielle Cromwell
Best Friend: None (she doesn’t count Yumiko)
Other Friends: ReinaYamada, Aiko Takeuchi, Heidi Montgomery
How Others See Her: Domineering, seductive, flippant, non-committal
Sub/Dom: Dominant
Notes: Although Miranda’s first (of many) sexual experiences was with a boy, she knew from her childhood that she liked women as well. After a string of failed relationships with older boys in middle school she turned exclusively to girls/women and never considered “going back”. Her open homosexuality brought upon her mother’s wrath and was the primary reason why they moved to Japan and she was enrolled in Catholic school. However, Miranda instead socially prospered at her school and earned a reputation for having frivolous relationships with her classmates on the school roof during lunch break. In her current age she has slowed down from so many casual encounters and instead keeps to a short list of “friends with benefits”, the most notable of which being Heidi. She has had a long standing sexual relationship with Yumiko since her senior year of high school when they met, although Miranda is not attached to her in any way and often spurns her advances. Miranda is sexually dominant in every relationship except for with Yumiko who forces her into the submissive against her desires, providing one main source for the strain between them.
Miranda has always been open about her attraction for Danielle and has often pursued a relationship with her, but is always rebuffed due to their professional relationship and Miranda’s domineering personality, which puts Danielle off. Miranda is the very first person to learn who Danielle used to be in a previous life and often goes out of her way to protect her while satiating her own agenda as well.
This sums up everything.
Favorite Color: Brown, red, general earth tones
Favorite Food: Greek salad
Favorite Music: 80’s idol pop music, classical strings (particularly cello)
Favorite Band: Akina Nakamori, Shizuka Kudo, Momoe Yamaguchi, Madonna (80s), The Police
Favorite Song: “Nanpasen”by Akina Nakamori
Favorite Book: Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters
Favorite Movie: Wonderful Life (Japanese)
Favorite Animal: Butterflies, cats
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Vodka
Clothing Style: Long-sleeved blouses, short skirts, high heels
Hobbies: Painting, reading, drinking, casual sex
Guilty Pleasures: Shoujo manga from the 80s and 90s
Notes: Miranda is a product of her generation and teenage culture, and often indulges in social outings that center around drinking and sex. Her style is very feminine although she does not adopt the “lipstick lesbian” moniker – she is almost never seen without a skirt on, at work or at home. Her likes are mostly centered on her generation as she rarely strays from the comforts of 80’s music and literature, both Japanese and American. She does, however, have an affinity for classical music.
Dexterity: Ambidextrous (writes with right)
Handicaps: None
Diseases (physical): Dysmenorrhea
Diseases (mental): None
Notes: Due to being half julah, Miranda enjoys a boost to good health that rarely wavers – and when she does get sick, she is quick to recover. She does, however, suffer from extreme dysmenorrhea that leaves her immobile while menstruating, and takes hormonal birth control to alleviate it.
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General: Forgives, but never forgets
Strengths: Does not give up easily, extremely loyal to those she cares for
Weaknesses: Doesn’t want to commit to others, likely to make brash decisions and act on her own
Outlook: Realistic
Idiosyncrasies: Never smokes indoors if she can help it, always sleeps on the right side of the bed
Political Affiliation: Democrat
Religion: Agnostic,background in Buddhism (family) and Catholicism (schooling)
Fears: Dying alone, missing important opportunities
Phobias: None
Offended By: Homophobia, racism, misogyny, belittled opinions
Pet Peeves: Flippancy in others, people who don’t think about their futures
Vices: Smoking, alcohol, one-night stands and friends with benefits
Wants Children?: Doesn’t consider them an option
Drunk Type: Depressed, sleepy when she imbibes enough (it takes a lot to get her “drunk”)
Death of Choice: With someone else
Notes: Miranda is focused on herself and her desires, with rarely a thought for how this view affects others. While on one hand it makes her come off as selfish, on the other it helps her plow through life with minimum upset. Her biggest vice is smoking, a habit she picked up in high school and continues. She prides herself on only smoking socially and only once or twice a week at that, but through the course of the series she smokes more and more to her own chagrin as stress mounts.
Drives: 2004 Green Honda CRV
Lives: Two-story, two-bedroom 1 ½ bath house in family-oriented neighborhood
Relationship toAuthor
Ways she’s like me: We both share a similar view that the world is probably just full of it and nothing we do matters in the end. Ain’t that nice? We are also both women who like being relationships with other women. Her seduction style is similar to mine.
Ways she’s not likeme: Her vices are not mine at all; she’s a lot older than me and of a different race (she doesn’t pass for white). Oh and I’m not half alien.

Notes: Miranda has undergone the most dramatic transformations since I originally came up with her – on that note, she is possibly the first character I completely came up with from scratch for this series and she underwent a couple of name changes, from Michelle to Minerva to finally Miranda by the time I started writing the first draft. In the beginning she was just a background minor character meant to torment and incite internal monologue for Danielle at work, until Miranda on her own became a convenient character to shuffle more burden on. Now she is officially a main character and one of the most important ones. I often think of her as probably my most complex character in either series and enjoy writing any scene with her in it. I’m constantly amused at how far she’s come, and granted her type of personality and her role in the series, I’m kinda convinced that she’s the one controlling me. Even right now. Probably.
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