Shameless CROSS// character profile sheet #2 – Devon

Round 2/5 is here for some fun and even more great shots from the Sims 3 because that game is awesome, right.

Well aren’t we ~dapper~.
Name (Identified): Devon
Full/Real Name: Devon Robert Anderson
Former Incarnation: Sonall Gardiah, The Second-In-Command
Age: 22
Birthdate: April 2nd, 1985
Generation:  Y
Birthplace: Chico, California, USA, Earth
Astrological Sign (Western): Aries
Astrological Sign (Eastern): Ox
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Origins unknown)
Hair (Color): Black, sometimes lightens to dark brown in high summer
Hair (Style): Layered
Eyes (Color): Blue
Eyes (Shape): Round
Height: 5’5
Weight: 152lbs.
Voice: Slightly higher
Physique: Fit
Notes: There is nothing exceptionally attractive and unattractive about Devon – he’s the pinnacle of “average” for someone his age and means. His voice, however, is a tad higher than average which lends him to having a unique enough singing voice to help his band stand out from all the cookie-cutter rock gigs.
Mother: Jennifer Anderson
Father: James Young (absent)
Siblings: None
Pets: None
Notes: Devon has never met his father and only knows of him as a drugged out nobody – he barely even knows his father’s name.  His mother was not much better as a parent but was present at any rate. Devon and his mother moved multiple times when he was a child due to them always being evicted for his mother’s failure to pay rent. As he got older his mother checked out more and more, turning to alcohol both on and off the job. Devon talks to his mother about once every few months, and it’s usually her asking him for money. He has no cousins on his mother’s side and knows nothing about his father’s side, nor cares.
He spent half his life learning to do this.
Degree: Bachelor’s in Computer Networking
School: Large public university
Job: Searching
Boss/Supervisor/Commander: None
Former Jobs: Campus computer help desk representative (college)
Ambitions/Goals: To perform music for a living
Notes: Devon is a recent college graduate at the beginning of the series, stuck in the throes of job searching in a sliding economy and having trouble even with a computer-related degree. On the side he leads a band that he started up with his friends called KARMA that focuses on alt and punk rock. His dream is to eventually make music for a living and do computer work on the side as a hobby, as opposed to the opposite that everyone expects him to pursue and be happy with instead. His band is currently searching for a drummer, however, putting their plans on hold and making Devon feel more and more uneasy as time goes by and he has less money and loan dues start coming in.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Status: In a relationship with Alicia Greene
Turn Ons: Femininity, short hair, women who are into music and technology like himself
Turn Offs: Anyone who implies he’s worthless
First Lover (Female): Stella Madison (high school)
First Lover (Male): None
Other Notable Lovers: None
Love Interests: Danielle Cromwell
Best Friend: Clyde Harris
Other Friends: Serge Leveque
How Others See Him: Ignorable, quiet, a possible doormat
Sub/Dom:  Does not care one way or the other, but makes a great natural submissive~
Notes: Devon is in a serious relationship at the start of the series and lives in an apartment with his girlfriend Alicia. However, their relationship is strained. Alicia is more focused on the future than Devon is and often derides his inability to properly search for a job and to otherwise be the boyfriend she and her family want. Devon is a year younger than Alicia and often feels that he is considered more as a child than as a man in her view. Still, he stays with her because he legitimately loves her and wants to make her happy – plus, he can remember how much happier she was in the beginning of their relationship almost a year before. Devon knows that he’s the rebound that won’t go away in Alicia’s life: they met at a frat party the year before, where she was crying over the brutal end of her previous relationship.
Early in the series Devon realizes that he’s developing a serious crush on Danielle and has issues dealing with it, as he is loyal to Alicia – plus, Danielle has no reason to be interested in him. He soon discovers that his feelings are left over from their previous incarnations in which he was in an unrequited love with her.
“You put your fingers WHERE?”
Favorite Color: Red, Blue
Favorite Food: Pizza, popcorn
Favorite Music: Rock (punk, grunge, alt, hard, metal, everything)
Favorite Band: 3 Doors Down, Fuel, Aerosmith, Sex Pistols
Favorite Song: “Wonderful” by Everclear
Favorite Book: None
Favorite Movie: Gremlins
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Beer

Clothing Style: Jeans and T-shirt

Hobbies: Music (listening and playing), guitar, video games (particularly war-centric and shooters)
Guilty Pleasures: Boybands from the late 90s, generic Nintendo-brand games
Notes: Devon’s #1 hobby outside of music is video gaming with friends both online and off.  He prefers to keep his romantic life separate from his general social life and thus often feels forced to choose between hanging out with his friends or being with his girlfriend. With the former he prefers going to concerts and having LAN parties, with the latter he’s more open to going out to clubs, bars, restaurants, and other public venues. He does not like spending too much free time alone as it makes him feel anxious and unwanted.
Dexterity: Right
Handicaps: None
Diseases (physical): None
Diseases (mental): None
Notes: At the start of the series Devon does not take his health into much account and just considers himself lucky that he has no outstanding problems. As he comes to learn more about his past self, however, he becomes a bit of an exercise fanatic in the pursuit of reclaiming his original figure as a top-rated mercenary.  
Yeah, I have no idea.
Personality/World View
General: Open to new experiences and trying new things, willing to get along with everyone he meets until proven otherwise.
Strengths: Dedicated to his pursuits, loyal to friends and in relationships
Weaknesses: Pushover, shy to the point of missing opportunities
Outlook: Attempts to be optimistic
Idiosyncrasies: Tunes his guitar twice before playing it
Political Affiliation: Apathetic Democrat
Religion: Agnostic
Fears: Being unnecessary to those around him
Phobias:  None
Offended By: Being belittled
Pet Peeves: Nagging, copycats
Vices: All night LAN parties
Wants Children?: Ambivalent
Drunk Type: Brazen, clumsy
Death of Choice: Quick death via carpel tunnel
Notes: Devon does not research much in what the world has to offer him in terms of thought of feelings, and instead chooses to live his life shutout to such things until he deems them necessary. His perchance for resorting to extreme escapism as a child to avoid his mother’s toxic environment has left him unable to sometimes sort fantasy from reality as an adult, although he is usually quick to correct and admonish himself. Also because of his mother’s inattention growing up, and his girlfriend’s habit of picking on him, Devon has developed an issue that prevents him from feeling completely wanted in his interpersonal relationships. His self-esteem is directly tied to how others treat him.
“But I just want you to play it once!!!”
Drives: Doesn’t have a license to drive
Lives: Campus 1-bedroom apartment
Relationship to Author
Ways he’s like me:  We’re both fanatical about music and both play guitar.
Ways he’s not like me: He’s a man/I’m a woman, he doesn’t think as critically as I like to and I have a feeling I’d rage-quit most conversations with him, honestly.
Notes: One of the alternative names I tossed around for Devon was “Darren”, and I settled on “Devon” because it didn’t sound quite as jarring – plus I love Vs, man. Devon is one of the few characters to have changed very little since I first started working on them. The biggest change to come along during the first year of drafting was the band idea I had that would later shape Devon and round him out as a character. Before the band his driving force in life was just video gaming in general, and in the earliest draft versions of Rebirth him and Alicia are arguing about his video game hobby as opposed to his band. Now his focus is on his band with video games just as a background hobby that he’s not that serious about. Otherwise, everything else is the same with him as it has been from the beginning: he’s awkward around women he likes, he has no “real world” ambitions, and his relationship with his mother is as strained as pasta.  Alternatively, he took the longest for me to flesh out and make more 3D . Scenes that focus on just him are sometimes still the hardest ones for me to write because it’s hard for me to identify with him and the way he thinks in mundane situations (hence why he tends to stay out of those…)
The guy in charge of saving the world thanks you for your time.