Weekly Writing Check-In: Countdown to Published

This is my last Check-In post before I become a ~real life~ published author. Tomorrow I go to the bank to open a separate account, and by the end of the day I’ll be uploading THE FINAL, I SWEAR THE FINAL mobi and epub files to Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Smashwords, in that prioritized order. Been having to take a lot of deep breaths to remind myself that this is what I’ve wanted a majority of my life, and just because that “OMG IT’S SHIT DON’T DO IT YOU’RE GONNA GET EATEN ALIVE” bug is gnawing away at my brain, doesn’t mean I still shouldn’t do it! So what if it’s in my real name and my super conservative relatives are bound to find Hildred’s stash of f/f romance online? Oh well. It’s not like I hide this stuff from them.

In other news, the first draft for the next book in the REN’AI RENSAI series is complete! Came out to be about 91k. Started editing yesterday and it’s already down to the 80k range. Figured, why not, I want this published by Christmas, and I’m in the editing mood! And because I’m just like that, I wrote the first page of Book 3 before going to sleep last night. I just had to after coming up with the perfect title for it, finally. (The perfect title always comes!)

So besides the uploading anxiety I’ll have tomorrow, I’m finally able to relax a little. This means I’ll get to writing the posts for the upcoming blog tour in October, and, if you’re signed up, I’ll have the posts out to you by the end of the week. On that note, there’s still time to sign up for the DAISUKI blog tour for dates starting in the second week! And then, maybe, I’ll finally start blogging about OTHER THINGS than just me me me again. I mean, my time has been so consumed with this editing stuff, that I haven’t even been able to READ other books. Crazy, right? My brain is all sorts of muddled right now. Which means I’ll be spending most of book launch day curled up watching TV and/or sleeping. Pfft. What career?

Next time I check in here, I’ll be a published author. And my parents are already telling me I should be selling my 40k novella for 10 bucks. Oh joy, this is gonna be a fun ride.

plug plug plug.