Two problematic women. One unexpected romance.

Delia Benoist is everyone’s rival, nobody’s true friend. Yet as she enters her thirties, she’s coming around to the idea of meaningful bonds, including romance.

The last place she expects to find a relationship, though, is in a club built around hooking up.

A one-night stand doesn’t just blow her mind. It blows up Delia’s whole concept of love and romance!

One hot relationship. Zero realistic possibilities.

Helena Pierce has been running from her past for as long as she’s been out of high school. With a fake ID, she’s convinced some of America’s most depraved denizens that she’s really twenty-one, not nineteen.

Even Delia, her new situationship, doesn’t know the truth.

As they become more inseparable, however, the truth threatens to burst their sensual bubble.

Zero chances. Infinite potential.

The most unlikely romantic couple in New England shouldn’t have lasted this long. Delia, everyone’s rival, and Helena, the town sugar baby, fully intend to only use each other and be on their ways.

Yet Helena’s past is quickly closing in on her, and Delia can only resist the call to romance for so long.

Will they stagnate and implode? Or will they flourish on the journey to mutual maturation?

It’s a naughty love affair for the ages, as one little bucket list attests!