NEW RELEASE: Saving Her Soul

A Most Inconvenient Love

Nothing interesting happens in Yarensport, a sleepy community on the sleepier planet of Qahrain. Not until the Temple announces a new priestess has been assigned to oversee the souls of thousands.

Farmgirl Sulim di’Graelic isn’t devout. Yet when she attends Priestess Mira’s first sermon, she swears she’s had a religious experience.

Love at first sight. Infatuation in its finest form.

When Mira saves Sulim’s life during a violent invasion, it feels like fate. When she follows her heart to the Temple, it can only be destiny.

Yet Mira pushes her away. Because it’s inappropriate. Because Sulim is human, and Mira belongs to the long-living sorcerer class, the julah. Death will inevitably tarnish their love.

A Romance that Defies Death

Mira Dunsman, the incognito daughter of the High Priest, knows that Sulim is her soulmate. But giving in to love isn’t as easy as defying the tenets of the Temple and ruining her career to be with her intern.

She will outlive Sulim by thousands of years.

Yet when Mira and Sulim finally bow to fate, they’re set on a path of passion and heartbreak that will define Sulim’s whole life… and crater the rest of Mira’s.

Unless some powerful friends find a way to save Sulim’s soul from eternal rest.

They must hurry. Death waits for no one – not even love.