“Your blog is schizophrenic.”

Don’t jump!  You guys will be fiiiine.

Reader Carla, (omg u giyz inorite??) asked me in an email a very good question recently.  “Why, Hildred, do the two mirrors of your blog have different titles? Yo, it’s true! The LiveJournal version is called “Hello From a Stranger” and all the subsequent mirrors, including the last one on Blogspot, is called “Musings From a Procrastinating Author”.  Why did I do this?  Am I schizophrenic?


The LiveJournal came first, many years ago when I realized that my real name was still free for taking and I snatched it up.  I later made it my writing journal, in which I mostly posted my works, like poems and song lyrics.  Later on I transformed it into what you see now.  At the time of its creation, however, I named the journal after a short story I had written around that era.  The story was called, obviously, “Hello From a Stranger”, and was about a married couple that had been separated for a long period of time.  When they were reunited they still loved each other, but felt like strangers in how each had changed.  The story revolved around them trying to find a level of comfort between one another once again.  (See, this is what I wrote in high school.  What happened to me.)  And since this was to be a public blog in which I would not know most of my readers, and likewise they would not know me, “Hello From a Stranger” just seemed poetic and appropriate.

When I really started rolling on the blog a couple years ago, I decided to change the name to “Musings From a Procrastinating Author”, because that title just pretty much summed up what was going on.  I was musing.  I was a procrastinating author.  Plus it has a ring to it, yeah?  As for the reason why I never switched the LiveJournal name over…well, I liked the older title. And, I totally forgot. Yup.

But to clear any and all confusion…the blog’s official name is Musings, and yes, I know you really care.

Because,  after all, Carla cared. Thanks, Carla.