I always imagine Camp NaNoWriMo stealing outdated Old Navy commercials for their promotion.

But where do I plug in my laptop.

Although my lack of proper internetz in my apartment for the next month or so have stinted my ability to, you know, blog about writing and stuff, it’s done a few wonders for that whole…writing thing.

This is my first official check-in for Camp, and I can safely say that I am right on schedule at 13,010 words (and I haven’t written my 1600 for tonight yet). I’m having an interesting time of it, mostly because I’m doing something “new”, for me: third-person limited, whereas almost everything else I write is in omniscient because I am God, sit at my feet and let God tell you a tale, damnit. Why are you not sitting down. Johnny, sit down before I smite you. Do you want to be made into a character? Okay, here’s a story about a boy named Johnny who couldn’t sit down. He died. The end.

AHEM.  As I was saying, third-person limited is something new for me.  I’ve decided for this prequel to only stay with three main characters, and only two of them will be very prominent for the first part (the other not getting any scenes herself until I introduce her in the second chapter coming up).  I can’t really describe why I’ve decided to write this in limited, other than because it’s what the story called for.  And when the story calls for something, who am I to say no?

Otherwise, it’s the usual.  Some scenes fly by as I explore how these characters used to be, and other times I sit there going “damnit, they all have the same type of family! Pfft!” but it’s the first-first draft who gives a rat’s carnival balloon. I have plenty of time later on to go back and decide which character is going to get the better mother. (Damnit, I almost said “Hey so far nobody’s an orphan!” and then I remembered FMC’s being raised by her maternal aunt cause her parents are dead. Oops.)

Meanwhile I am also still editing the other novel. Because even though it’s camp and I like busting out rough drafts, it still technically takes a backseat to my actual novel I plan on publishing first. (The camp novel may be a prequel novel but it’s planned to be released between books 3 and 4 of the main series.  The other one will come out between 4 and 5 and is still in the advanced planning stages.)  I managed to edit another chapter today alone and I’m officially past the halfway mark.  I’ve decided that this revision will mostly focus on plot fixings and easily fixed grammar items such as LOL TOO MANY ADVERBS and awkward sentences.  POV tidying will come with the next through edit. I’m still angsting over where to introduce a character that I came up with halfway through the first draft.  AS it is, she breaks a giant, huge, DO NOT EVER DO writing rule and shows up during the climax without any mentions beforehand. Obviously I must fix this. I need to go back between this edit and the next (edit 2.5? lulz) and drop in conversations about her.  Oh, and I need to put in more butterfly imagery as it’s the major symbol of the series and is relevant everywhere. And yet I keep forgetting to do this.  I think the symbolism part is just gonna be an ongoing edit.

Until then, does anybody know of any good cover designers who are, you know, cheap? Free is the best cheap! (Lookin’ at you, graphic making friends of mine.) I’ve given up on designing my own nice cover and would just like somebody else to do it since I completely lack the skill.

How is your Camp novel coming along?  Are you on track? Or did you fall out of the canoe…because you heard banjos and paddled too fast.