Weekly Writing Check-In: Halfway to Camp!

It’s Mother’s Day, but I’m going to leave all mother dribble for a post tomorrow about characters and their mothers. Today, it’s check-in time.


Well, if nothing else, I have the rest of this chapter of CROSS//Process mapped out and ready to be written before Camp starts next month. The trick is to actually write it now. I’ve been writing about 500 words every night before bed, since it’s easiest for me to go to sleep if I write in bed beforehand. I’m not sure if I’m going to outline what I want to write for Camp – part of the greatness I felt last August was totally winging it and seeing where the horror stories of these characters took me. I already know the general outline of their stories and I think that’s good enough for me with this story.

Otherwise, I spend most of my work time now doing freelance writing and editing. I have a few projects popping up at the moment. The thing that blows is that none of them are paying me right now. I’m lucky to have a house to live in rent free and food I don’t have to pay for (happy Mother’s Day, Mom!) but I’m almost 25 and like making my own money. Sigh. Unemployment. SIGH. LIFE OF AN ARTIST.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more Mother’s Day relevantness. Maybe. You know how I’ve been with posting on the right days lately.