Hubpages Wednesday: More Fantastic J-pop For the Soul

It just wouldn’t be a HW without me posting something about Japan, eh. Well, if you haven’t noticed by now, I tend to blab on and on about my other love outside of writing, which is Japanese pop music (or, J-pop). This week’s artist is one of the best (as always!) and a huge name that’s been around for about three decades now. Namie Amuro is one of the innovators of “hip-pop” music, a fusion of hip-hop and generic pop music. Her super cool attitude and famous long-hair femme chic look are legendary in Japan and the rest of Asia. Her best songs range from 90’s dance hits to her hip-pop flavor of the day.

Included in all these hubs is a review of her most recent album that dropped last week, Uncontrolled. Below is a teaser video of the entire dang album!