Countdown to August Camp

No, I haven’t forgotten about Camp. Although now anything Nanowrimo related has just become a formality because I write anywhere between 30k-50k a month anyway. (Look at me gloat!) I do like these endeavors though because it gives me a place to put in my daily wordcounts and play with them!

That said, I’ve decided how to approach this round of Camp. I’m going to “officially” work on HATSUKOI, another novella in the same series as the first I’ve been working on, and when I complete the first draft, I’ll work on REVENGE like a good girl. I have no idea when that will be, though. HATSUKOI is already at 15k but I’ve barely dipped into the plot I feel. I think this is gonna become a “full-length” novel as opposed to a novella, but we’ll see. Kinda like how the first novella was supposed to be a short story. OOPS.

This will be my problem for the rest of my writing life. And I don’t caaaaaare.

For now here’s my tentative written-in-10-minutes synopsis of HATSUKOI. A girl-meets-girl love story annoyingly set in 1992. Annoying because UGH NOBODY HAS A CELL PHONE HOW DID PEOPLE FUNCTION says the woman who doesn’t own a phone of any kind.

 Aiko comes from a world where she’s never had to question her sexuality – so when she meets Reina, a confident and “masculine” lesbian, everything changes. From awkward dates of candid conversation, to those “aha” moments where everything begins to make sense, Aiko’s about to run the gamut of all the emotions and experiences she never even knew existed before.

Told on the backdrop of 1992 Tokyo, “HATSUKOI” is the prequel to “DAISUKI”, a F/F romance novella coming out this Autumn.

So, anybody else out there doing the Camp August session?