REN’AI RENSAI Character Profile 3: Yuri Furusawa

It’s the third installment of the REN’AI RENSAI character profile series. Now we’re moving away from the main characters to some of the more prominent minor characters.

Today’s feature is the married neighbor Yuri Furusawa. Yuri, like the main characters, also appears sometimes in the main CROSS// series, and has a connection to one of the other main characters in that series. For that reason this profile may eschew some of spoilers from that series.

(Note: As the series jumps around a span of 20 or so years, profiles tend to cover everything in that time period.)



Sims have some really unfortunate dance moves.

Name: Yuri Furusawa (古澤百合)
Birthday: June 16th, 1978
Zodiac (Western): Gemini

Zodiac (Eastern): Horse

Nationality: Japanese

Height: 5’0

Weight: 90 lbs. 

Voice: Mid-range
to high.
Speech Patterns: Feminine


Fave Color: Purple, White

Fave Food: Hamburg

Fave Drink:
Piña colada
Fave Music: Pop music from the late 90s

Clothing Style: Skirts and blouses
Hobbies: Gardening, Shopping, Going to English speaking cafes.


Family:  Husband, Daughter
Sexuality: Bisexual
Partner: Hiro Furusawa
Best Friend: Aiko Takeuchi
Occupation(s): Housewife
Comes Off As: Friendly, Energetic
Sub/Dom: Sub

Yes, she was just dared to come kiss you. Get over it.


Yuri grew up in an internationally inclined household – her father often went overseas for meetings while her mother taught English out of their home. Thus Yuri began learning English from an early age, to the point her family decided to start hosting exchange students for her to practice with. One summer they hosted an American girl, who dressed “like a boy” and had a short haircut. Yuri developed a crush on her and ended up having her first sexual experience with her host sister.

They continued a long distance relationship via snail mail until Yuri’s mother intercepted one of her daughter’s notes and expressed concern over the contents. Although no real confrontation was had, Yuri got the point that she was not allowed to behave “that way” and promptly broke up with her American girlfriend. She finished high school and went off to college with the intent of following in her father’s footsteps, and ultimately moving overseas where she could be free of her mother’s hovering. However, while in university she met Hiro, who became smitten with her and asked her out. They dated until graduation, upon which Hiro asked Yuri to marry him. Yuri convinced herself she was in enough love with him to marry him and forgo her dreams of living abroad.

“I swear, you REALLY care about my problems!”

Shortly after graduating, they married, and Yuri became pregnant. Towards the end of her pregnancy they moved into a house to start their family, and Yuri took up the mantle of housewife and mother. After the birth of her daughter, she further convinced herself that she had to become the perfect woman. Yuri threw herself into the mold of Japanese housewife, which killed her energy and estranged herself from her already super busy husband. A few years into their marriage, Yuri reunited with her ex-girlfriend and rekindled their affair. Although it only lasted a few days, Yuri discovered she truly wished to be with a woman instead, but Japanese laws and customs kept her beholden to her husband. Conveniently, her neighbor and close friend Aiko was also gay and available for an open relationship, and the two began a casual romance independent of their main relationships.

Yuri spends her days attempting to keep up her “perfect housewife” facade while dreaming of divorcing her husband and still running off abroad, with or without her daughter. While she knows it’s not feasible until her daughter is an adult, Yuri consoles herself with what little she can outside her marriage. She has moments of guilt regarding her husband, but is also fairly convinced he has a girlfriend elsewhere and has decided to just let things fall as they do.

That has got to be the most boring book ever.