Romance Trading Cards: Now Here’s Some Irony For My Life

Now imagine they all have boobs, and we’re done here!

I never thought I’d see the day when I’m looking at trading card pixels on my screen again. During the late 90s, when Magic and Pokemon were all the rage, I was right there being told by my mother that no, I couldn’t have them, because they summon REAL DEMONS. Or something. My mother likes to re-spout things she heard back in the 50s. Anyway, later on around 2002 or so, I started an online website in which members would get pixelized trading cards and could swap them with each other. It was a big hit for many years, until I “retired” from the scene because dear god, it was a nightmare.

But that’s another post!

Recently I’ve come upon these things known as “Romance Trading Cards.” I found them via the Kindle Boards discussion about them and couldn’t help but think…what? These are a thing? And people go crazy for them? Whaaaa? I mean, whatever floats your boat, but personally I can’t stand having little card sized paper things around. Takes me back a little too far to the late 90s.

But if this is something “going on” right now, I’m wondering…should I jump on it? Get some Ren’Ai Rensai ~trading cards~ (man, every time I type that, the 14yo inside me wants to die of embarrassment) and give them away for funzies? (Would any of my readers even want those?) I have plans for bookmarks to come out around Christmas, but should I get some of these, too?*

How about all of you other romance writers out there? Do YOU do trading cards of your characters? How has it been? Do your readers gobble them up? Are you like me and don’t understand the appeal but HEY MAN WHATEVER WORKS?

Please share with me your experiences on romance oriented trading cards! Or any other small productions like this that you do for your novel. 🙂

*I do kinda wanna point out an observation – all the ones I’ve seen so far are for heterosexual romances, although I know M/M will never die. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned writing lesbian fiction, it’s that lesbian fiction fans tend to be a lot quieter, and thus I’m not sure this would be a good venture for me to pursue right now.