Update On 2014 Release Schedule

So, there’s no denying that I disappeared for a little while there! Last you heard from me, I was in the midst of moving. Surprise! I’m still in the midst of moving. It’s been a long, ongoing process that will hopefully come to an end soon.

Couple this with a super big project going on in the background here, and things have been a bit delayed! Therefore I am having to update the remaining release schedule for 2014 under this name.

As of right now this is how things stand:

REN’AI RENSAI BOOK 7: “IKIGAI.” – Very late September/Early October (Actual release date forthcoming)

JIAI JOUWA BOOK 3: (Currently Untitled) – Late December (Which would make it almost one year to the day since Book 2!)


The aforementioned standalone sweet romance “THE LONGEST RIVER” will be my first project of 2015.

The reasons for this switch-around extend to more than just my move holding things up. “IKIGAI.” was mostly finished when I decided that it wasn’t exactly what I wanted for the final book of RR. I ended up going back and retooling a bunch of it so it fits better with the vision I had. I am determined to put out only the best possible story to round-off the main RR series, and I’m excited to share it with you later this month! Suffice to say, cover and blurb reveal will be happening soon enough!

Thanks for your understanding as we restructure some things around here. Right now my main goal, besides what is going on with other aspects, is to finish up the RR universe this year. It’s going to be both very bittersweet and a relief. I hope you’ll be around for the ride!