NEW RELEASE: March Madness

Joan Sheffield and Lorri Abrams have been partners for years, but their mission to have a baby has placed a damper on their love. After the most recent miscarriage, the couple has begun questioning the direction of their relationship. 

Yet Joan isn’t ready to give up. Her dreams of having the family she always wanted won’t end because of some heartbreak and bad luck. Yet as she regroups and prepares to try again, she comes up against an obstacle she least expected. 

Lorri. The partner who refuses to explain why she feels sick to her stomach every time the subject comes up. 

Joan doesn’t know the whole story about Lorri’s upbringing. Lorri would rather drown herself in college basketball tournaments than talk about her issues. It will take the advice of some trusted locals and one bad night to potentially save these two weary souls. 

Will the madness finally end?