Weekly Writing Check-In: “Hey, got some hair here. Look familiar?”

This only makes sense to one other person.

Dang, is it already that time of the week again? Actually, last week didn’t go by that fast, but somehow I’m still surprised it’s Sunday night again.

I actually got some stuff done again this week! On enough projects that it’s time to organize them under their own BOLDED headers! Oh my!


Went back and FINALLY, finally added the extra information about Miss Shows Up During the Climax. I’ll fill out some more details here and there when I do the next thorough edit starting this week, but the pieces have been placed to work on. Yay! This next week I will do a ~butterfly count~ and open up a new Word file to keep track of which chapters still need primary symbolism so I can add them in the next edit. Speaking of which, the next edit starts this week. Now that I”ve done most of the plot doctoring for now I’m going to focus on characterization (some characters act…not quite how I want them to act in the beginning chapters because I ended up changing them later on) and making everything more succinct. I plan on cutting out a lot of words in this edit. Even more parenthetical phrases are gonna get cut and shit that just doesn’t need to be there. My goal is to work on at least one scene a day, as opposed to one chapter because I’m going to be analyzing the actual writing like an utter boss.


 Started outlining the next part of the novel today, putting down exactly what I want to do next (I still don’t know how it’s going to end, so yeah) and what’s going on in each character’s timeline. I definitely have enough if not more to get through this year’s Nano which is all I care about at the moment. I’m hoping that I’ll have some great breakthrough for how I want it to end and lead into the third book, but right now I ain’t gonna worry about it, nope nope nope.

So I’ve got quite the week ahead of me in terms of writing work, but it’s “work” I look forward to doing because I actually enjoy the editing process – it feels damn good to cut out stuff that you know doesn’t need to be there, or to fix an issue. Actually, what feels awesome is that you were able to find it all on your own without somebody telling you that you suck! Yeah!