Frivolous Friday! – aka “I’ll do what I please to your memes!”

So a common meme I see around is “Teaser Tuesday”, where you post a sentence or two (without spoilers) from the latest book you’re reading. Thought it was interesting until I noticed the “Tuesday” part. WHY YOU GOTTA PIGEONHOLE ME, BROS? I’ma post this meme on whatever day I feel like! :'(

I’m actually not reading anything right now, but I just finished A Feast For Crows by George RR Martin the other day, and since it’s literally right next to me at the moment…guess what you get!

“Evenfall found him sitting alone in the common room of White Sword Tower, with a cup of Dornish red and the White Book. He was turning pages with the stump of his sword hand when the Knight of Flowers entered, removed his cloak and swordbelt and hung them on a wall peg next to Jaime’s.

“‘I saw you in the yard today,’ said Jaime. ‘You rode well.'”

Admit it, your brain went there. (This passage also demonstrates pretty much everything I don’t like about Martin’s writing. Blah.)

AND NOW, just because I can, a similar excerpt from the chapter I’m currently tweaking in CROSS//Rebirth – and yes, I really did stop scrolling here, ha.

She should have seen it coming, but in realityDanielle was too tired when she went to sleep to imagine what would happen inher over-active dream world. All hersexual frustrations came into fruition and Danielle found her projected selfslammed against the floor of the elevator, her body pulsating in sweat and herbreath seeping out of her as a very lecherous captain loomed over her like the’purring darling’ she was.

The fantasy relieved a sliver of tension inDanielleā€™s body. It was Danielleā€™s firsttime to blatantly dream about her superior: her soft, olive skin, her rounded thighs, herbordered calves, her modest breasts, her stable shoulders, her tipped chin, herhenna-colored hairā€¦all defining the scene in Danielleā€™s mind, that switchedbetween that life and some other one in which Danielle felt her body crushedwith desire. Danielle was not ashamed ofthis dream. She allowed the fantasy ofhaving sex with Miranda in the elevator play out, and it did, as obtrusive andinappropriate as the suggestion itself had been at the time, but the sensations worth everything.

Context, how does it work?

Now excuse me, I have to go look at flight costs home and try not to cry about it because the fees are outrageous.