Because I’m told I should be organized, as a writer, or something…

Just a quick quip that I’ve solidified the final version of my new blogging schedule here. Or, at least one I intend to follow…somewhat…so long as it behooves me.


SUNDAY: Weekly Writing Check-In. Same one I’ve always done since about September or so.

MONDAY: Free For Me, or, whatever I feel like posting. General thoughts about writing, announcements that didn’t fit on Sunday, etc. Usually a discussion post of some kind. (Although today this is filling it for it, ha!)

WEDNESDAY: Hubpages Wednesday. Where I plug my latest hubs I’ve written in the past week or so (usually 1-2, depending on time).

FRIDAY: Friday Flash. Short flash fiction pieces written and shared for promotional purposes. Will either be “original” or taken straight from any draft I may be working on.

Of course, I’ll post on the other days if I feel like it. =P

All right, so this post isn’t a complete bore to you, have a question!

What’s the most ridiculous metaphor you’ve ever read? Bonus points if it literally made you LOL.

Right now the ones fresh in my mind all belong to GRRM. I can’t take sailing masts seriously anymore.