Weekly Writing Check-In: In the midst of it all, résumés!

My brain.

What a busy week for writing!  I wrote a new blog post every day while also juggling my 25k February challenge and working on some hubs. In the process my personal blog didn’t get updated, but eh. Only so many hours in a day.

Thus, I will break this check-in up into some sections!

Blog: Been a while since I wrote a post every day! And not just fluff posts either, but ACTUAL posts! I had too much fun doing the blog fest. So much, in fact, that I am looking for others like it. Anyone got any leads? I will probably do a promotional flash fiction piece every Friday from now on, so do look forward to that! (Anybody got any good prompt sources? Character-related ones are apparently my favorite.)

CROSS//Revenge 25k February: I’m not keeping track of exactly how much I am writing thus far, but I’ve done a pretty good job of sticking to 1k a day. I’m determined to get back to editing come this March. But we’ll cross that bridge when I get there. Right now is a pretty pivotal plot scene so it’s going well.

Résumé: Oh have mercy. Since I’m nearing the end of my contract here in Japan, I’m starting to look for jobs back in the states. This includes updating my résumé, good lord. I hate résumé updating with a fiery passion, especially when my old one was tailored to my current position – nope, can’t just add my current job to it, have to go in and totally gut the whole thing. Cut out everything from high school and most of my college crap, add a separate skills section, completely get rid of “objectives” because I’m sending this first one as a “blanket” résumé for no position in particular at a certain company. And of course being the time it is, there’s no one online to look it over for me. And my mother’s not online to see if she can think of any skills/abilities I’m forgetting. And I want to send this thing tomorrow at the very latest. Sigh. It’s only my future, you know. (Because as much as I wish I could work full time, I do need a paying job, let alone one I actually enjoy!)

Bah, enough about that. Tell me, how was your writing this week? Or if you’re not a writer/didn’t write, how’s the reading going? Gaming? Tell me anything going in your life that is NOT day-job related, haha.

EDIT: Help a girl out? Take a look at this blog entry and help me come up with some character names! I posted it back in October but still need some help, darnit.