NEW RELEASE: August Heat

Firefighter Krys Madison is used to the single life. Although a womanizer, she’s been experiencing a dry spell for the past… year.

By choice. Kinda.

She doesn’t realize what’s missing until she discovers a litter of kittens after a barn fire. The only one who can help is rural veterinarian Siobhan O’Connor, a reclusive woman who prefers a life of solitude – and doesn’t need someone like Krys causing trouble in her life.

Too bad Krys is instantly smitten with the redheaded beauty. Too bad Siobhan doesn’t think she’s too bad, either!

But it will take a lot of healing for Siobhan to finally move on from the breakup that still haunts her heart. Someone like Krys? Her heat may start fires Siobhan never asks to have extinguished.