Nobody loves Paradise Valley more than Mayor Karen Rath, a woman who works tirelessly to keep the town’s cogs turning and the people content. This doesn’t leave much time for love and dating, but the single mom of two grown kids has better things to do.

Until a stranger comes to town.

Dahlia Granger of Hibiscus Films is on a mission. Ever since Paradise Valley hit the national news, Dahlia is compelled to create a documentary exploring the history and culture of a town founded by lesbians.

She may have an agenda.

Just a tiny one.

Karen and Dahlia represent two very different sides of this film, but their attraction is undeniable. Can Dahlia peel back Karen’s veneer and reveal her true self? Or will Karen have to kick Dahlia out of her town first?

Assuming the townsfolk don’t get to Dahlia first, anyway…