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Leah over at Leah Writes Pretty Fierce has started a short little questionnaire for those of us (or anyone, really) taking part in the latest campaign to fill out so we can all get to know each other. Since I’m taking a break from most real writing this week, this sounded like the perfect way to, you know, waste my time.

  1. Here’s a chance to hone your writerly skills: Tell me, who are you? You have one sentence only. 

Hi, I’m Hildred.

  1. What about writing gives you the most joy? The dialogue, description, or something else entirely?

I’ve always loved entertaining people, and the best way I’ve found is to make up stories I’ve made up. People seem to react most to my dialogue and I admit it’s my favorite part to write. 

  1. If you were to write yourself as a character, what would your character phrase be? The little tics that make you, you?

Phrase? I dont know. What I say the most changes from month to month. I do have some annoying tics though that I hide from people. My hands tend to twitch when I’m excited about something (oh god they just did), particularly my fingers around my face. I hate it and I always stop myself the moment I notice I’m doing it. I used to get made fun of a lot as a kid for doing it, and I even had teachers try to “correct” the behavior, so it’s made me very self-conscious about it.

  1. What books have you read recently? What would you recommend for us to read?

I’m currently reading the A Song Of Ice and Fire series and it’s meh. Good story, horrible, horrible prose/actual writing. And so much triggery shit that I have to stop a lot before I have flashbacks to horrible past experiences. So I don’t recommend it, ha. I’m not good with book recommandations. I don’t read often and I don’t like most of what I read.


erryone. go. do it.