My voice just gave me a huge headache. Time for it to shut up.


My to-do list for editing this manuscript just keeps getting longer and longer.

On one hand that’s a great thing, because it means I’m recognizing more and more what I need to check/work on to make sure it’s the best it can be. On the other? Oh my God just make it END already! As some of you may know, it seems that the more one works on something the more you come to think it’s just beyond help or repair, even if you KNOW that isn’t true.

Recently (as in this past week) I’ve been thinking of the Rebirth manuscript and exactly what I want from the POV. This is a result of having written the prequel story, Process, in third person limited as opposed to omniscient like I normally write. I wrote both of my main series in omniscient, but with very different narrative voices. In Nagnomei it’s the more cut and dry omniscient narration: (spoiler: I a really am God, so there you go), but in CROSS// I can see where me as the narrator could be confused for thinking as a character, due to using a different voice. If that makes sense. It makes sense to me, okay.

So, add a POV Voice check/clean up to my list of things to do. I want to go through and make sure that people aren’t confusing my/the narrator’s voice for that of a character’s, especially since I love snarking the buggers. Because if they think it’s a character’s, well then hello gross head-hopping. Especially since the trends I keep reading about imply that omniscient is out because it’s too dry – but on the flipside I am also reading that omniscient is making a comeback because of my generation’s propensity for having learned how to story tell via television/movies.

Ultimately, every time I think about POV and voice at the moment I give myself a huge, exhausting headache. The easy answer is just to write shit in limited, but the way I want to tell the story to reader just does not allow it in the main CROSS// series. Nope, I gotta be god again (and this time just figuratively). Then again I’m probably just showing myself to be a product of my generation with my need to be snarky and sarcastic and everyone and everything.

SO, just to turn this around a bit and distract myself from my Writing Woes, what POV do you usually write in? Does it ever give you grief or just make you want to rage quit? Please say yes.