Finally getting the hell out of the woods.

uh huh.

Yup, I finished my goal of 4k today and completed Camp Nanowrimo. Go me~~~ Final count is 50,170 according to the Camp website.

This is great because now it means I don’t have to stress about finishing it during my business trip this week (which runs through Saturday). Not that I wouldn’t have the time, but typing on a three year old EE PC isn’t the greatest experience ever, let me tell you ALL ABOUT IT.

That said, I’m rather happy with how the story is going even though it’s not quite going how I expected. I’m surprised at all of the…well, to be quite frank, abuse I’m covering since I originally planned to gloss over it. But when I included that character’s POV I couldn’t really do that, lol. Hopefully the next chunk I write the abusive character is gonna be D-E-D dead and yay no more of that! =

The two major differences in this draft compared to the other stories in the series thus far (CROSS//Process is one of two planned prequel stories in the CROSS// series) is that I’m forcing myself to write in third-person limited (the main series is omniscient) with three POV characters, and that it’s very fast paced because it covers a lot of events that happen in the span of seven years. Trying to balance character development with a fast pace is something I have to be careful with, personally.

SO, did you participate in Camp this year? How did you do? Did you wish you had known about it?! And furthermore…how about Nanowrimo this year, eh?