“DAISUKI.” Promotion Schedule + Official Blog Tour!

Yesterday I announced the release of my first novel, “DAISUKI.”, set to drop September 28th! Also in that post I mentioned that today I would reveal the plans for my first promotion and blog tour! So…here it is?

NUMERO UNO: September Promotions

The following are the TENTATIVE blog post promotions I have planned leading up to the release of “DAISUKI.”:

Aug 25: Official blurb revealed.
Sept 1: Book Cover Reveal!
Sept 3: New Layouts (Blog / Facebook)
Sept 5: Character Profile #1
Sept 8: Preview!
Sept 12: Character Profile #2
Sept 15: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT (May or may not be a blog fest!)
Sept 19: Character Profile #3
Sept 22: Another Preview!
Sept 26: Character Profile #4
Oct 1: Blog tour begins!
Excited? I know I am! Especially for that book cover! It’s going to be fantastic! (No pressure to my bff and designer, of course. Well, maybe a little. OKAY A LOT. DO IT RIGHT GURL.  orz)
Also? That SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT on the 15th? Going to be, as the kids back in uni said, ~epic~. It’s going to be more a promotional tour for the next book coming out in November (hopefully!) but is still completely relevant to these current promotions as well. If you like writing romance (or want the practice!) it’s going to be right up your alley! Hooyeah!
NUMERO THE DOS:  October Blog Tour!
I’ll be going on an Internet wide (well, as far as I can go!) blog tour to promote “DAISUKI.”, and I’m looking for anybody willing to participate! 
Of course, starting from today I’m only taking…er, takers, of blog owners who wouldn’t mind hosting me and (preferably) my book cover etc. for a day! I’ve set up a Link List for those interested right away to sign up  so I can get in contact with you. Now, a few things about “DAISUKI.” that you may want to consider based on the readership of your blog:
1) It’s a romance with some “graphic” (I find this highly subjective, but yes, there’s sex) scenes between women. I debated whether or not to also promote it as erotica, and have decided not to. It’s a romance story first and foremost, but yes, there’s sex. 
2) The cover is suggestive, but not dirty. I would say “it’s no worse than you see in the romance section in Amazon”, but let’s be real, some of those should be taken down per Amazon’s guidelines! Woah! But my designer and I are making sure that the cover complies to Amazon’s guidelines, which means there’s no nudity. There isn’t even kissing. (But an almost kiss!)
3) The entire series (and myself) is very pro-LGBT, as it’s sort of the crux of the story. 
Overall, I would give “DAISUKI.” a healthy R rating. I share this because I know some of you who may wish to host me on the blog tour may need to consider their readership and whether or not it would cause a problem on their blogs. If you’d still like to do something with me, let me know, and we’ll come up with something!
As for blog tour posts, I’m planning to do posts about Japanese culture and language, F/F relationships (both here in the USA and in Japan), character interviews, general interviews, samples, writing romance,  basically, whatever jives with you and your blog!
Phew! That was a lot of text! I appreciate it if you took the time to read it all! I’m very excited about this tour and this novel! I hope to have the blog tour badges and all that jazz ready around the time the cover is revealed. The reason why I’m taking names this soon is so I can get a jump on things before I’m swamped! If you’d rather wait to sign up until after I reveal the blurb and cover, that’s fine too. I’m sure I’ll be posting this link list a few times…
Now excuse me, I have like a million things to do tonight! (I am running purely on adrenaline right now. Woohoo!)